The Most Affordable WordPress FAQ Plugins for Your Website

Emily Randolph
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Emily Randolph
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February 07, 2021
The Most Affordable WordPress FAQ Plugins for Your Website

Did you know that only 49% of U.S. consumers say they’re getting a good customer experience from companies? That’s pretty low when considering most companies spend a lot of time trying to create an exciting customer experience.

If your customers don’t have a good experience, they won’t buy anything.

Customers want and need your support when they are considering a product. When they have questions, you need to be there to answer them. A WordPress FAQ Plugin on your page may be what you need to do that.

FAQ plugins integrate directly into your website to answer questions and help customers. They provide extra functionalities that make it easier to find help and keep your responsibilities to a minimum.

Some key functions include:

  • Categories and organization to help users be able to find what they need.
  • Layout and styling options for easy setup.
  • Shortcodes for embedding to get the plugin on the page.
  • Feedback to help you improve and update.

Customers no longer have to search your website for the answers they need, nor do you have to create a separate FAQ page for them to search.

Their questions will have answers whenever they come up. For example, ChipBot support is on every page and the FAQs live in the chat.

All WordPress plugins don’t have to be the same, however. You can customize each to the needs of your business. Customization impacts the customer experience.

You need to create a unique and personalized experience to make them feel heard. Here, you can reach them directly, showing that their interests and needs are important to you.

If a customer spends too much time looking for an answer, they may leave the page and complain about not being able to find it. Especially if it is a simple question.

For example, if I am looking for shipping costs, and I have to comb through every answer about the product, I might give up. A WordPress plugin, however, is always right there for support. 

With support on the page, customers are happier. Thus, there are fewer complaints. If your plugin is fully functioning, you won’t have to go through the slow process of emails as much.

There is a difference between common questions and specific questions, though. Some customers will have very specific questions that only apply to them, so a FAQ may not be of service to them.

You’re not completely off the hook; humans are still necessary. But unlike a FAQ page, the plugins add efficiency into the mix. 

Questions always need answers, and everything has a price. It’s important to make sure you are getting the word out while still being of service to your customers.

WordPress has a lot of options when it comes to plugins. We’ve broken down a few that will get the job done without breaking the bank. 

ChipBot is more than just a FAQ plugin. It’s a help bot that operates on every page of your website. The bot collects questions and reuses your past answers while providing an array of self-service help features. 

The bot is its own knowledge base, containing all the support your customers need. It even has actionable data to improve itself as it interacts with your customers. 

Your website sales and support are critical for success. ChipBot makes it easy to find any FAQ, service info, or product detail for any situation. There are also call to actions that are similar to popups, but convert higher, and are easy to test with.

Price: Free-$20/month

Accordion FAQ has a well-designed template with an accordion, or list, style that gives it its name. The list expands and contracts, making it simple for customers to find the answers they are looking for.

This plugin covers all the basics of page creation and is customizable to your needs. You can create many FAQ pages, create your own template, and even use different languages. 

Price: $17

Ultimate FAQ has a variety of layout options and even more style options within each layout. It allows you to create unlimited questions and categories.

You can also give priority to certain questions by organizing them with the drag and drop.

What really makes it ultimate, though, is its ability to integrate with WooCommerce. This means you can add FAQs on a product by product basis.

It even includes social sharing buttons and the ability to import or export your frequently asked questions.

Price: Free or $30

HTML5 Responsive FAQ is a fully responsive plugin, as its name suggests. For starters, it lets you create questions and answers as a custom post. You can assign each question to a blog category and easily change the design.

The best part, however, is that it will integrate directly into your existing theme. You can customize the font and all of the content to fit your look.

Price: Free

Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs by Echo Plugins is not just any other plugin. It actually builds your site a knowledge base instead of just creating a list.

You can add documents and questions for your users to look through with the search function. This plugin can be super effective if you need to provide more in-depth information for your customers.  

Price: Free (Premium $15-$80)

Any question and answer plugin on WordPress is bound to build engagement on your site. The plugins embed right into your site, which allows more people to engage with your content and company as a whole.

Search engines are starting to pay attention to user engagement. Metrics like dwell time allow them to provide useful results for searchers. 

Google is paying attention to whether your users are happy or not. Some forms of plugins, built to advertise or inform, are too much for customers. The FAQ plugins allow for the greatest support without getting in their face. 

When it comes to creating a page for customer service, there are lots of options. Everyone has questions, which can create problems for businesses.

The most common solutions to these poor customer service issues are FAQ pages and knowledge bases. Both, in line with plugins, answer questions that may otherwise cause customer complaints.

These pages are helpful, but they aren’t immediate or right on the page where the question arises. On a WordPress site, you can add an FAQ page and access it with ease, while also being a good low-budget option. You can build it yourself if you commit to doing the work. 

A knowledge base contains the most information—it is a library for your product or service. However, it lives on its own page that is often outside of your site.

The big benefit is its consistency and productivity. Like an FAQ page, it can help customers find solutions on their own and can improve the blanket of customer experience. 

It not only helps customers find important information, but it also allows employees to access information. This information will help address issues, resolve problems, and gain insight.

Knowledge bases focus on feedback, where FAQs typically have no feedback mechanism. You can continue to develop your company with a simple solution.

Now that you know your options, you can start to think about what is best for your WordPress site. Every option will benefit you in some way. Allow your customers to get the support they want while providing the answers they need. 

Maybe right now you just need to take the cheapest option and customize it for you. But customer service is a big deal, and you might want to weigh all the options. 

What FAQ pages, WordPress plugins, and knowledge bases all have in common is the goal to cut bad customer service. If you combine them all, you get something like ChipBot. Everything in one place but also everywhere on your site. 

The most important factor in these FAQ plugins is support, and what support is better than a bot that lives on every page, ready to help whenever a question arises?

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