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Tether your clients to a product you can call your own. Brand your own video, chat, and knowledge base tool and deploy to your client websites.

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Custom Branding
Access Management
Ownership Transfer
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No-Staff Support Bot

Elevate your client's competitive value. ChipBot Nexus offers the same level of support without the need for extra man-hours.

Optimize Your Client's Sales and Lead Gen

Use ChipBot Pylons to increase landing page conversion rates and improve your client 's return on ad-spend (ROAS).

Call It Your Own

Completely replace the "Powered by ChipBot" watermark, logos, embed code, and branded text.

White Label

Everything Unlocked

A single account to access ChipBot Pylons, Nexus, and Interceptors.

Access Management

Invite PMs, strategists, and clients to specific domains.

Branding Options

Remove "powered by" or replace it with your own logo and link.

Ownership Transfer

Transfer a ChipBot domain to the client without service disruption.

Accelerator Mode

Use our expertise to set up content and configure sales videos.

Data Separation

Each domain contains its data and user groups.

Simultaneous Release

Agencies always have access to the latest features and new products.

Real-Time Data API

Connect ChipBot's data to your client's CRM or export it as a CSV.

Premium Support

Book 1:1 consultation sessions for help, recommendations, and strategy.

White Label FAQs

White Label Pricing

Select number white label ChipBots
White Label ChipBots

Small Plan

Unlimited personalized videos and options for immersive face-to-face experiences for 1-3 clients.

3 unlocked ChipBot accounts
100% White Label
Custom Domain
User Management
Product Training
Priority Support
Matt - CEO and Founder of ChipBot
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