Return On Investment

We offer a free and a $10/mo version. It's what pricing in 2019 should be.

Pro Domain

For Businesses

$10 a month per domain

For Businesses
Unlimited Insights
Unlimited Triggers
Theme and Colors
Custom Positioning
User Behavior Reporting
Disable "Powered By" Option
Early-Access Features

Free Domain

For Hobbyists

No cost per domain

For Hobbyists
5 Insights
1 Trigger
Theme and Colors
No Reporting
Custom Positioning

Who Is This Made For?

Small Businesses
Personal Websites
Landing Pages
Affiliate Networks
Gaming Websites
Made for people who want to shoot for the stars.

ChipBot was born out of the frustrations of live chat, lack of user guidance, and confusing data. We think these are universal problems to anyone who wants to run a successful website. ChipBot helps solve these problems.

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