Do You Know What
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ChipBot is a Crowdsource FAQ Bot that provides support for your new customers from previously asked questions.

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Do you support color customizations?
I run a startup, can I get a discount?
How do I reset my password?
You can try our product for free. For enterprise features, check our pricing page.

Cover Your Blind Spots

Crowdsource FAQs allows your users to query your highest ranked questions from your users and support them with answers.

Don't miss out on critical support just because you're offline. ChipBot gives you 24/7 without the effort.

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Win Customers Faster

Slash Abandonment Rates

Proactively show call-to-actions users to a specific page to improve your conversions.

Only with ChipBot can you can assign call-to-actions that open a specific FAQ, redirect users to your cart page, or nudge a user to your customer reviews.

No coding required, just ensure your bank can handle the extra revenue.

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Reclaim Your Time

Don't just follow the status quo by adding a live chat bot. Add a Crowdsource FAQ Bot that sets realistic expectations for your leads, sales, and support.

Company A

uses ChipBot

9:00 AMAnswer Questions
10:00 AMSale
11:00 AMSale
12:00 PMSupport
1:00 PMSale
2:00 PMSale
3:00 PMSupport
4:00 PMSale
5:00 PMSale
6:00 PMSupport
7:00 PMSale
8:00 PMSale
9:00 PMSupport
10:00 PMSale
11:00 PMSale
12:00 AMSupport
1:00 AMSale
2:00 AMSale
3:00 AMSupport
4:00 AMSale
5:00 AMSale
6:00 AMSupport
7:00 AMSale
8:00 AMSale
Company B

uses Live Chat

9:00 AMAnswer Questions
10:00 AMAnswer Questions
11:00 AMSale
12:00 PMSupport
1:00 PMAnswer Questions
2:00 PMAnswer Questions
3:00 PMSale
4:00 PMSupport
5:00 PMAnswer Questions
6:00 PMAnswer Questions
7:00 PMSale
8:00 PMSupport
9:00 PMAnswer Questions
10:00 PMAnswer Questions
11:00 PMSale
12:00 AMOffline (Sleep)
1:00 AMOffline (Sleep)
2:00 AMOffline (Sleep)
3:00 AMOffline (Sleep)
4:00 AMOffline (Sleep)
5:00 AMOffline (Sleep)
6:00 AMOffline (Sleep)
7:00 AMAnswer Questions
8:00 AMSupport

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An inexpensive and effective tool!

ChipBot is a great tool to identify relevant information sought after by customers and potential customers. It allows a business owner to answer questions that arise from customers searching your website as well as provide live updates. It is a great tool to have.

By Jeremy

One of my favorite tools

This is one of my favorite tools we use. It's extremely easy to set up and use to get feedback and questions from site users to easily create a better experience. Lot of great potential to keep improving, and the support team is really great about helping with any questions.

By Trey


Great product

Great product, can't wait to see more features added.

By Andy


Works With The Best

ChipBot will work on any platform you have. It's easy to install and operates with security and performance as top priority.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)
And More!
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