Live Chat Isn't For You.

It's annoying answering the same questions every week. Wouldn't it be nice if customers could self-service their support?

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ChipBot combines bot technology and crowdsourcing to bring a unique support experience on your website. Users interact with ChipBot like a typical bot but use search instead of conversing. Users find it simple to use, fast to address questions, and happier to buy your product.

How ChipBot Works

Do you support color customizations?
I run a startup, can I get a discount?
How do I reset my password?
You can try our product for free. For enterprise features, check our pricing page.

1. Potential customers on your website ask a question through ChipBot.

2. ChipBot responds with a previous answer you provided from a previous customer.

3. ChipBot algorithm reorders results based on customer feedback.

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Reusable Automated Support

Reusable Automated Support

Real time communication is not sustainable for startups, small merchants, or busy entrepreneurs. You lose strategic focus, time, and ability to optimize with live chat.

ChipBot resets support expectations by offering self-service support. Instead of impatient customers waiting for a live chat agent, give your customers ChipBot.

How ChipBot Helps You

Increase Sales Velocity

Automatically answer questions from users who will convert to paying customers.

Reduce Customer Churn

Use ChipBot to discover what visitors are typing before they bounce.

Maximize Efficiency

ChipBot reuses past answers, so you only answer unique questions.

Self-Service Knowledge Base

Customers can access info about your product or service, 24/7/365.

Optimize Messaging

Use ChipBot's reports to observe explicit user intent and behavior.

Generate More Leads

Capture email when users asks questions and send them to your CRM.

Discover Problems

Use ChipBot's reports to observe negative question trends.

More Subscribers

Use ChipBot's triggers to bring call to action to your newsletter signup form.

Reviews From ChipBot Customers

Reviews from real users who used ChipBot to automate support, reveal user behavior, and increase user retention.

Upgrade Your Support Today

ChipBot will work on any platform you're hosted on. It only takes one code snippet to get started and takes less than 5 minutes to fully deploy ChipBot.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)
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