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ChipBot is a Knowledge Base and Help Automation Bot for your website.

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How ChipBot Works

ChipBot embeds at the bottom of your website and empowers people to find their own help.

With one click, your visitors can search for knowledge base articles, ask for help, and leave feedback.

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Little Effort And No Customer Friction

Adding ChipBot empowers customers to find answers themselves before contacting you. It's easy to add and works with any platform, like SquareSpace, Webflow, or WordPress.

Knowledge Base

24/7 Support

User Feedback

One Click Confidence

ChipBot delivers a full-service knowledge base that builds confidence in your customers.

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Convenient, Fast, and Accurate Help

ChipBot provides short-form articles that make it faster for customers to find answers.

The form factor also makes it easy to leave feedback. If you’re missing content or have inaccuracies, ChipBot will alert you in what to fix.

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With a 4.5 review rating, we're committed to delivering successful support through your ChipBot.

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