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ChipBot Replaces Wasteful Chit-Chat

ChipBot gives your users support and guidance on the bottom of your website. It's not a chatbot. It's a new type of bot and built for small businesses like yours.

Elevated Engagement

Give your users the power to search for previous questions users have asked and make it available 24/7.

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Automated Actions

Boost your sales with automated call to actions when users scroll down a specific landing page or blog.

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Reactive Reports

Give your business the competitive edge with ChipBot's behavioral event tracking and reporting.

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Google Sites
Adobe Experience Manager

ChipBot Works With Your

WordPress Website

ChipBot operates on the bottom corner of your website on any page you want. We'll help you install it over online screen share or in-person , for free.

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The Chip That Upgrades Your Website

ChipBot solves two specific problems. The first problem we solve is automated customer experience (accessible support and guidance) on your website. The second problem we solve is scaling customer experiences without increased time commitment from the business.

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Reviews From ChipBot Customers

Reviews from real users who used ChipBot to automate support, reveal user behavior, and increase user retention.

Learn Your Unfair Advantage

Bots are hard to understand and we're not the only one that's out there competing. Learn ChipBot's vision to improve your website. It's different, disruptive, and devoted to substantially growing your business's website.

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