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A Shortcut To Making Your Website Work

Most websites lack fast access to information that builds customer confidence and results in sales.

ChipBot adds user engagement

Deliver Fast Knowledge for Wary Customers

Customer support is only great if it's convenient and accurate. Traditional knowledge bases tend to be off-site and out of date, making it hard for your users to stay focused on checkout.

ChipBot adds speed and convenience for support

Use Popups to Drive Leads and Sales

Most websites prioritize sales over support because of limited screen real estate on your website. Users often suffer and bounce because of this.

ChipBot helps you sell

Eliminate Your Support Anxiety

You can't grow your business if you're busy working the phones all day. You can't escape mindless support if you don't make it easy to find information.

ChipBot adds 24/7 support
Use Popups to Drive Leads and Sales

Clarity and Direction in One Icon

ChipBot helps websites that are lacking in effective support that is easy to use.

In one small icon, you get a knowledge base, maps, a contact form, feedback options, analytics, and the ability to promote.

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New Opportunities Every Week

You built your website and people came, but no one did anything. Why?

Use ChipBot to discover what people are asking and where problems are happening.

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Compatible Everywhere

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Installing ChipBot is the same process as setting up your analytics.

If you need help, use our 1-minute step-by-step video tutorials. Once installed, content and upgrades automatically refresh.

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CEO of is more successful, saves more time, and understands his customers more with ChipBot.

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