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ChipBot is built to help all users who visit your website.

Reusable Answers

ChipBot collects questions and reuses your past answers.

Powerful Features

ChipBot provides an array of self-service help features.

Your Website Operator

ChipBot is designed to be your primary help bot and operates on the bottom corner of your website.

ChipBot uses intuitive interfaces and data automation to help answer questions and give visual guidance.

ChipBot is uniquely different and isn't a chat bot.

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The ChipBot Core

Knowledge Base

User Notifications


Actionable Data

ChipBot's DNA

Nothing beats knowledgeable and convenient help but sequencing them correctly is hard. That's why we built ChipBot for you.

  • It's Part Knowledge Base: to deliver fast self-service support
  • It's Part Help Bot: to deliver automated marketing and notifications
  • It's Part Web 3.0: to ingest user behavior data and power machine learning models
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ChipBot is Web 3.0, a Knowledge Base, and a Help Bot

How ChipBot
Answers For You

ChipBot asks your users if they need help.

Then ChipBot collects their question for you.

If you've answer the question in the past, we'll save you time and reuse the answer.

The help doesn't stop there. Users can book meetings, get directions, and give feedback, through ChipBot.

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An Easy Win
With ChipBot

ChipBot is the only website plugin that makes it easy to help your users. No more mixing plugins, no more guessing what users are asking, and no more uncertainty on the effectiveness of your website.

Get automated help on your website today!

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