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ChipBot is a Crowdsource FAQ Bot that provides support for your new customers from previously asked questions.

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Let Your Customers Work For You

By crowdsourcing all the questions and data from your users, your users can find answers to questions that matter the most. ChipBot takes guess work out for you, your marketing team, and your support operator.

Win Customers Faster

Win Customers Faster

New customers need to understand what problem you are solving and why you exist.

ChipBot enables your customers to see what others were asking, filter by what problems they asked, and see how you responded to them.

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Support Your Customers

Support Your Customers

ChipBot operates 24/7 and works similarly to Google Search and Quora. Users can search or ask questions on demand while you receive daily reports on any new user questions.

With ChipBot, you don't need to have a costly live chat bot or awkward conversational bots.

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Actionable Feedback

Actionable Feedback

Stop guessing how to improve your website to increase signups or lead gen. Use ChipBot's reporting functionality to see what people searched for, on what page, and where they met friction.

ChipBot can track all user encounters and reports them to you.

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Works With The Best

ChipBot will work on any platform you have. It's easy to install and operates with security and performance as top priority.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)
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