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ChipBot Help Desk is simply the evolution we work support with our customers...
Rodrigo Bogdanowicz
Rodrigo Bogdanowicz
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All-Day Website Support

Deliver lightning fast answers for basic and complex questions, for each customer, without lifting a finger.

Prevent problems before they come up

Having answers everywhere keeps customers happy and increases the odds of a sale.

Never repeat yourself

ChipBot is a quick solution to search for repeat answers.

Receive messages and feedback

ChipBot is about balancing customer needs and has built-in live chat and contact forms.

Organize all types of content

Offer customers to search through your FAQs, tutorials, guides, instructions, directions, and more.

FAQ generator

Use our FAQ generator to start out your FAQs if you don't have any.

See behavior relationships

ChipBot will report back which content is getting hit by which search query, similar to google.


Answer with text

Use our text editor to add simple to complex answers, like you would in Word or Google Docs.

Answer with video

Have an answer already on YouTube? Link a video directly within the editor as your answer!

Be lazy and answer short

Answering questions with a "yes" or "no" is OK! Customers often want acknowledgement to a question, not an essay.

Analyze customer behaviors

Find trends on what users are searching for before a purchase.

Find improvement opportunities

Use the data to improve weaknesses on your website and add more to the knowledge base.

Export data

Use our integrations to export data out of ChipBot and into your systems like HubSpot.


Reuse answers over email

Answer with a guide or tutorial and get them on your website.

Reuse answers over live chat

Offer real-time clarity with a proper answer from the knowledge base.

It's a Quick Fix

Offer clarity and up-to-date information without reworking your website.

Natural Fallback

Whenever there isn't an answer inside ChipBot, we'll defer to a contact form or live chat.

Fast & Easy Install

Adding ChipBot Help Desk is a simple, one time code embed, like a Facebook Pixel.

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A Strong Customer Base

5,100+ Businesses use ChipBot
with a rating of 4.7 out of 5

ChipBot Is Simply the Evolution…

Rodrigo Bogdanowicz
ChipBot is simply the evolution in the way we work support with our customers, simple and intuitive tool, modern and beautiful look. Congratulations to Matt and the whole team behind this beautiful system, I'm really enjoying it!

An Excellent Chatbot With Helpful Analytics

We’re thrilled that we decided to sign up to get Chipbot! As we’ve had to limit our office hours due to Covid-19, Chipbot has helped us be able to offer answers to our clients’ questions quickly and efficiently, even when we aren’t able to be around. The setup was very simple and the admin dashboard is very easy to navigate and use. The knowledgebase, which is where you create articles and Q&A’s for Chipbot, is well organized and quite customizable. The analytics feature is very well made as well. You are able to view the number of interactions, the number of articles viewed, the number of questions asked through the contact form, and much more. A favourite feature of ours is the ability to view what users have searched using Chipbot. This is incredibly helpful as it lets us know exactly what people are looking for, how many are looking for it, and how we can improve our database! An adjustment that would be nice is the introduction of keywords rather than tags for the articles. Rather than using tags, which work almost like categories, allow you to add key search words when creating an article. There have been a couple times when a client has searched a question, but the answer didn’t come up because the wording was slightly different and so you need to be careful when titling your articles. For example, if I have an article titled “Where are we located?,” and someone asks “Where are you?,” the article would not pop up in the search results. Overall a fantastic chatbot and one I highly recommend!

ChipBot Made My Life Easier & Better

Using ChipBot did not only make my life easier by automating my 99.9% of my customer service interactions, but it also gave me a tone of insight into what my customers were struggling with the most. Knowing what our customers were asking helped us optimize our sites to increase conversion and overall customer happiness.

I've Picked up a Lot of Helpful Data…

I've picked up a lot of helpful data after adding ChipBot to my website. For example, I had absolutely no idea how often people were looking for the "refund policy", since my product is new and moderately expensive. I am now making some changes to my site to both help answer the question quickly, as well as to test some new variations that may help people feel more comfortable taking the product for a test run. I also love the data filled email reports which keep me informed without having to go back and do the research. ChipBot is an easy choice for such an affordable add-on. Thanks

A Better Bot!

Chipbot grew on us quickly. It's faster and more efficient than a conventional or conversational knowledge base. Our clients are able to quickly find valuable information that might otherwise take too much time on a typical website. Chipbot adjusts the order of the questions based on user feedback keeping the most relevant topics at the top of the list. The interface is very intuitive and easy-to-use for the admin and end user. The trigger feature is invaluable as it provides call-to-action pop-ups offering the ability to direct the user to an existing topic, another webpage, or to simply open Chipbot. Reporting is good, questions entered by a user are visible to the administrator on the reporting tab. Impressions, views and searches relative to insight articles; Views, clicks, and dismisses for Triggers. Nice to have features...more than the top 10 insights loaded into the list as well as increased reporting visibility.

An Inexpensive and Effective Tool!

ChipBot is a great tool to identify relevant information sought after by customers and potential customers. It allows a business owner to answer questions that arise from customers searching your website as well as provide live updates. It is a great tool to have.
Matt - CEO and Founder of ChipBot
ChipBot - Video, Live Chat, & Help Desk for Websites

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