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Brand and resell our video, live chat, and knowledge base technology as a White Label SaaS.

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One-Click SaaS

We built the business model and proved it on 4,000+ users. Start a SaaS with a headstart.

Clean Rebrand

Customize your brand on the customer dashboard, "Powered By" label, embed code, and admin URL.


Email notifications come from an anonymous domain or can be sent under your SMTP.

Plugin and iOS app

For an extra fee, you can download our white label WordPress plugin and iOS app to be released under your own brand.

Customer Portal

Your sign up page, reset password page, and login page are provided for you. Link them to your website and you're ready to go.

Manage Your Customers

Give customers more domains or remove a customer when they churn out.

BOYB Payment Processor

Bring your own payment processor. Use Stripe, Chargebee, PayPal, and more. Manage refunds, discounts, coupons through your processor.

First Goal: 3 customers

Create a big vision but have an easy first goal.

Second Goal: 10 customers

Prove out your methods on acquiring customers. You are default alive after this stage.

Third Goal: 25 customers

Scale into a fully fledged business. Once you're at this level, we can create a custom tailored plan for you to reach 100 customers and beyond.

Fast and Simple Setup

Point your domain to our dashboard. Then add links to your website. Collect payments from Stripe, PayPal, or Chargebee.

Point your DNS to our servers
Free SSL/TLS certificate for security
Payments are collected by your provider

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Our Software is Yours to Resell

Everything ChipBot offers are your features. Your customers get the same benefits as ours.

Get training on using ChipBot
Use our position playbooks
Ask us questions anytime

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Get Training

When you sign up, we will train you on how to use the product. This will help with sales and support.

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Your Video Library

Reuse our library of pre-recorded actors or upload your own set. Add pricing for custom videos for your customers.

Affordable & High Quality

ChipBot is a once-a-decade offering for white label software. You won't find anyone matching our quality or pricing.

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White Label FAQs

SaaS White Label Pricing

Select number white label ChipBots
White Label ChipBots

Small Plan

Unlimited personalized videos and options for immersive face-to-face experiences for 1-3 clients.

3 unlocked ChipBot accounts
100% White Label
Custom Domain
User Management
Product Training
Priority Support
Matt - CEO and Founder of ChipBot
ChipBot - Video, Chat, Search for Websites

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