Is the Zendesk Answer Bot the Right Bot for You?

Emily Randolph
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Emily Randolph
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June 10, 2021
Is the Zendesk Answer Bot the Right Bot for You?

In support, you want an overall ease of everything and an overall speed of everything. In other words, you want things to work together easily, and you want them to work fast.

Zendesk’s answer bot is a good option, but you’re not totally sold on it. You know what it is, but you don’t know if it’s the right option for you.

Let’s compare the answer bot with ChipBot, a support bot that guides and helps users anywhere on your website.

There are many types of bots out there, and two of the most common ones are conversational and self-service. ChipBot gives you the self-service experience, while Zendesk’s answer bot gives you a conversation.

With a conversation experience, the bot creates conversations with customers on its own.

Within this category, there are scripted bots and AI bots. In scripted conversations, you have to predict what people will ask the bot ahead of time. AI bots let the user control the entire conversation.

In their conversations with users, this kind of bot may try to shotgun as many answers as possible, which can sometimes be good but can also be very confusing for the user.

With a self-service experience, you get all the support without the messaging. 

A self-service bot, or support bot, can be a knowledge base that provides different experiences depending on the information you are trying to present. 

Its focus is purely on serving answers and collecting questions. You can add FAQs and a multitude of answers so your customers can get knowledge quickly.

Self-service is fast, easy, and less stressful all-around. The biggest factor, however, might be the lack of conversation. Customers don’t have to wait for answers by sitting through long support conversations — they can get answers quickly and get on with it.

So, what are you missing? What can Zendesk’s bot do? What can ChipBot do? What do you users even want?

You want to leverage support to gain customers. You may not think of these things going hand in hand, but they do, and they can be huge proponents of one another. 

Support is not separate — it weaves into everything you do on your website when it comes to customers. 

You want to be able to help your users in a way that makes them feel valued and supported so they continue to use your website or product.

If you’re not always working to improve by helping your customers, you won’t find ways to grow your business by gaining more customers. 

Because support is so important, the content you provide within it is even more important. 

You need support with enough storage and capabilities to give your customers the best experience possible. The content is the backbone of your support.

Every content feature comes with the benefit of supporting customers, which will then benefit you and your business by helping you retain said customers.

Even if the content on your site is impeccable, if your support content isn’t up to par, your customers will notice and they won’t like it.

If you can, customize your support as much as possible. You want to be supporting your customers first and foremost, but you want to do it in a way that points users back to you. 

In addition to support content, your customizations and integrations can say a lot about your company and who you want to be for your customers. 

You want your support, and its customizations, to be organized and reflect your company well. 

A bot is a bot, but make it yours. Give it that extra spice for customers to see.

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