How to Fix the Bad Customer Service Lurking on Your Website

Emily Randolph
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Emily Randolph
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September 25, 2020
How to Fix the Bad Customer Service Lurking on Your Website

Customer service may be the most important part of keeping a business going. However, 49% of American consumers switched companies last year due to poor customer service.

Obviously, this presents a problem if bad customer service is lurking on your website. You are losing customers without even knowing it.

Bad customer service can come in all shapes and sizes, and whether you know it or not, it is on your website. You’re here, so you must know that you are losing your customers somewhere on your site.

To make sure you can correct it even in places where you think your customers are happy, look for these attributes.

Any negative language on your site will discourage customers. Whether it is general negativity in the site or in support conversations with customers, you should always remain positive.

If you can’t help, and you just respond saying you “don’t know” the user is under the impression that your company isn’t qualified. 

Customer feedback is one of the most important things to keep up with. Bad customer service comes into play when your customers don’t feel valued.

If you ask for their feedback, update your page to reflect that feedback. Ignoring their needs will show neglect and reflect poorly on your business. 

Businesses are often not available to chat or pick up the phone when their customers need them most. And in both phone calls and live chat, wait times are hard on the customer.

Your users don’t want to wait on an answer or a representative that may not even have an answer. 

Especially with live chat, your customers want and expect to be helped right away. They expect you to be available, so waiting on someone to show up is very discouraging.

Customers also expect to be supplied with all of the available support channels. If they can’t find them, they won’t use them. 

If you don’t keep up with your website and the trickiness of customer support, bad customer service will build up.

All of the things listed above can be small or invisible mistakes, but if you don’t fix them, they will multiply and your customers will notice. It will cost your company by:

  • Keeping leads from converting
  • Damaging your reputation
  • Creating a downward spiral for profits

Even if you are on top of answering the phone and giving prompt answers, you can’t keep up with every person that comes onto your site with a question.

Some customers don’t know they have options. They are unaware of the channels you offer, so they are unlikely to find the support they need.

On the other hand, if you don’t identify common customer pain points, you are unlikely to provide the support they need. 

So, whatever you offer, you need to keep up with how customers are finding it or not finding it. This will help you get rid of those lurking customer service pains.

Now that we’ve got you on edge, it’s time to get the monster of bad customer service out of your support system for good. That being said, you’ll want to create a system that can prevent these issues and keep up with your customers. 

Don’t be scared of it. Tackle the problem head-on by giving your customers what they need to be successful.

You don’t want negative language, stagnant pages, or wait times. You do want positivity, pages that reflect feedback, and quick and easy solutions.

Try one of the customer support solutions below to try to reign it in.

Self-service solutions give the customer the power and freedom to find answers. They are empowered to solve their own problems right there on your website.

There are no waiting periods or struggles with customer service agents.

Customers get to find what they need and fix issues without any intervention. That way, they won’t leave the page before getting what they came for.

This makes the most sense to them, especially in terms of speed. For example, an FAQ page can answer most questions for customers. It also allows your users to help themselves without redirection.

A knowledge base is a next-level self-service solution. It creates a library of information that then allows customers and employees alike to take matters into their own hands.

You can store product information, organize customer help articles, share past resolutions with future customers, and analyze the impact of your help articles. 

For example, ChipBot’s knowledge base software is in the form of a help bot. The bot automatically operates on every page of your website and collects questions, reuses your past answers, and provides an array of extra self-service help features. 

It is interactive, and your customers think they are in control.

Help desks help customer service agents keep track of their tickets. This allows for faster and more productive support. They can even automate some actions for better customer support.

A help desk brings all customer interactions onto one platform. It is easy to keep track of support requests and answer questions as soon as possible. 

A help desk like Zendesk lets you collect support requests from any source. Wherever your customers are, they can ask for help and you can manage it all in one location.

That way, you can be quick and organized from the get-go. 

You know the attributes and you know how to fix them, but do you know where they’re hiding on your site?

Check your website and customer feedback. It might be hiding in plain sight.

Ask yourself some basic questions to uncover and fix problems. Where do customers get stuck? Are there any pages that use negative language? Is the website staying updated according to customer feedback? 

Stop making it about you. Promote your brand by aligning it with your customers. 

Pick a solution. Examine the needs of your customers thoroughly. Then choose something that will help them the most. 

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