ChipBot, Inc - Knowledge Base, FAQ service, and Help BotChipBot, Inc - Knowledge Base, FAQ service, and Help Bot

Unparalleled Knowledge Base

Intuitive self-service support for FAQs, service info, and product details with ChipBot.

Extreme Portability

Your website sales and support are critical for success. Only ChipBot makes it easy to find any FAQ, service info, or product detail for any situation.

Store everything without trade-offs

Store PDFs, images, videos, text on any article within ChipBot. Your users can use ChipBot's search, categories, and tagging features to find the right help content.

Flexible Design

Match your ChipBot with your website's theme. ChipBot's easy to use interface and convenience establishes trust and credibility with your customers.

Improves Over Time

ChipBot alerts you when new questions need answers. New answers can be stored back into ChipBot for future users.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

With ChipBot, you get a powerful dashboard to manage your knowledge base with a clean and easy to use editor.

Short and Concise Answers

ChipBot's form factor encourages multiple small and concise answers, instead of a few large documents.

Concise answers lead to more feedback. More feedback leads to better answers.

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Short and Concise Answers

Full Knowledge Base Features

ChipBot is great for support answers, help guides, FAQs, product tutorials, and open company policies.

Only ChipBot's knowledge base saves you time from handling repetitive questions from customers and prospects.

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Rich Text Editor
YouTube Videos
User Feedback
Global Content
Full Text Search
Question Capture
Zapier Integration
Data Export

App Integrations

ChipBot provides several APIs for custom integrations, and we partnered with Zapier so you can connect ChipBot with thousands of apps.

Integrate ChipBot with MailChimp, Salesforce, Zend Desk and more.

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ChipBot works with Zapier

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