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ChipBot for Landing Pages & Blogs

Landing pages are made to sell a product or service. But what if you could take your conversion rates up a notch?

ChipBot, Inc.

Simply place ChipBot on your landing page to add a touch of authenticity and personality and watch the conversions roll in. Alternatively, a ChipBot Video on your blog can direct your target audience toward your money pages resulting in more sales or leads. It’s a win-win situation!

Enhance Relatability

Talk about the content on your landing page in more detail and increase the chances of customers hitting the call to action button.

Enhance Relatability

Get more from your SEO

Add more conversions from your blog articles by forming a bridge to the money pages on your website.

Get more from your SEO

Collect Names and Emails

Transform each landing page or blog article into an awesome lead-gen opportunity.

Collect Names and Emails

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