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ChipBot Chat is free, has scheduling support, and is built for small businesses.

Simple, Fast, and Free Live Chat

Live chat is the natural next step for customers when they're ready to buy. ChipBot makes it easy to engage, follow up, and close sales.

Instant Messaging

Answering real-time questions can help close a sale by 50% (as long as it's from a real person).


We'll forward the message to your email if you're not around. Replying by email will send the message back to the customer.

Easy To Use

ChipBot Chat is simple to use, can greet customers, play a bell sound on new messages, and works with your existing ticket system.

Organized Threads

Messages are grouped like your email inbox—no extra things to learn.

Customer Data

Access your customer's name, email, location, and IP address.

Profile Merge

Merge profiles if your customer is reaching you from multiple devices.


Work/Life Balance

Set a practical schedule for when you're available for live chat.

Away Message

Leave a phone number, email, or just let customers know you'll get back to them ASAP.

Email Forwarding

When you are away, we'll forward all your messages to your email.


ChipBot Video + Chat

Use chat to close the deal after customers watch your face-to-face video.

ChipBot Help Desk + Chat

Use Nexus to answer 80% of the most common questions before customers need to talk to you.

<Anything> + Chat

Integrate thousands of apps to store message records, forward notifications on Slack, and more!

No Compromising

Our chat is free and comes with modern features without limits and expensive add-ons.


No Missed Messages

Receive customer notifications via our mobile app and never miss a sale again.

Email Fallback

Fast & Easy Install

Adding ChipBot Chat is a simple, one time code embed, like a Facebook Pixel.

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