WordPress Knowledge Base Features That Will Rock Your World

Emily Randolph
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Emily Randolph
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May 23, 2024
WordPress Knowledge Base Features That Will Rock Your World

91% of customers would use an online knowledge base if it were available and tailored to their needs. With a WordPress page, it’s super easy to find WordPress knowledge bases to fit your needs. 

Plugins that integrate directly with WordPress:

A WordPress knowledge base is a helpful self-service tool with similar benefits as a FAQ page. Customers are looking for information about you and your product.

They want your support, but they also want the freedom to find the information on their own.

Adding a plugin to your WordPress page will improve customer experience and prevent customer complaints.

Having a knowledge base on your site will show your users that you know what you’re talking about.

Taking the time to create a knowledge source will be very helpful to your customers, and your plugin can build brand trust and boost online customer spending.

WordPress knowledge bases are the first step into creating a customer experience that goes above and beyond expectations. Companies that nurture their online customer experience have the most influence on customer spending behavior.

You need customer service that goes above and beyond, because only happy and informed customers will make a purchase. 

When you exclusively use a WordPress plugin, you can ensure that installation is simple. All you have to do is download the plugin and add it to your site.

If you don’t know how to add plugins, check out this beginner’s guide for how to install a WordPress plugin. The plugins embed right into your site, which allows more people to engage with your content and company as a whole.

Not all plugins are the same, but all have fairly simple installation processes. Installing software like ChipBot is a breeze. If you need it, they will help you over online screen share or in-person, for free.

There are many helpful features in a knowledge base. Most are available in plugins as well. In a WordPress plugin, you want to look for specific features that will support your customers.

These 3 features are the best options to help you create a knowledge base that is both readily available and tailored to your customers’ needs:

  1. Simple Article Creation
  2. Search Engine
  3. Data & Analytics

With a plugin, the process should be as effortless as possible. You want to find software that makes it quick and easy for you to upload your documents.

Update: 05/23/2024

That way, you are not wasting your time with complicated uploads and you can instead focus on the content creation. 

You also want to look for image and video support. That will enable rich tutorials and guide creation. 

To deliver good customer support, you need a search function so customers can find information quickly. Organization is an important part of any plugin so customers aren’t overloaded or confused. Search functionality will help to keep everything organized. 

Search is an essential indicator for knowing if your customers care about you and your product.

When users find content through search, it gives them the opportunity to leave feedback faster as well. Searching content should be diverse/through all different types of content.

If the search function can’t find things like a map or contact form, it will not be helpful to your users. 

In a plugin, data & analytics measure how your users are interacting with your knowledge base. This determines if the plugin is working in your benefit or not.

Having a data feature also allows you to measure article success. You can see which articles are working, which need improvement, and which are getting the most views. 

In addition, a data & analytics feature collects search queries to see what people are searching for. If there is a gap, that shows you what content needs to be created. 

Setting up your WordPress knowledge base allows you to make information organized and accessible to all of your users.

These plugins take away the exhaustion from getting the same support queries over and over, and allow you to better help your customers.

ChipBot goes above and beyond the necessary features mentioned above. It is built to help all users who visit your website. Your users want knowledgeable and convenient help, and ChipBot’s DNA is built for just that.

It is part knowledge base, part help bot, and part web 3.0. But it is not a chatbot.

  • ChipBot embeds directly onto your website, where it can be accessed at any time. 
  • ChipBot uses intuitive interfaces and data automation to help answer questions and give visual guidance.

It saves time on handling repetitive questions from customers and prospects by collecting questions, reusing past answers, and providing an array of self-service help features.

As a knowledge base, ChipBot is great for:

  • support answers
  • help guides
  • FAQs, product tutorials
  • open company policies

ChipBot has a free version, and the paid subscription is only $10 per month. The paid tier is ideal to provide good support, collect good feedback, and get actionable reports.

Echo Knowledge Base can help customers and users find answers, and empowers teams and employees to internally share their knowledge and follow guidelines. With it, you can set up hierarchical documentation with sub-categories.

You can also order your articles and categories however you choose, and add tags, breadcrumbs, back buttons, and comments. 

  • Echo Knowledge Base uses an advanced search engine to help guide customers in the right direction.
  • The knowledge base is coded to get you the best SEO results

It can be accessed anytime, anywhere. The AJAX enabled search box supports customers in their search for information and helps to keep the need for support tickets down. 

The plugin bundles start at $50. 

The WP Knowledge Base plugin is free and pretty basic. It is simple and easy to use, fully responsive, and customizable.

The plugin has a super fast search engine and a whole selection of widgets like categories, tags, and posts.

You can completely customize the way the WP Knowledgebase displays. Just copy the plugin templates to your theme and customize them there.

On activation, the plugin will create a page called “Knowledgebase.” It works across all major devices and browsers and works with any theme. 

Customers want to use a knowledge base. You just need to make it available to them. 

The most important part of choosing a knowledge base plugin for your WordPress site: Meeting customer expectations.

Any support plugin is bound to build engagement on your site, and a WordPress plugin will:

No matter what your company is trying to accomplish, a WordPress knowledge base gives you options.

If you’re working alone or on a small team, you need maximum convenience that is affordable and data-driven. 

Your best option is to give users the best support available in order to exceed their expectations. You want them to keep coming back and sharing their experience with others. 

Why do you need simple article creation, search engine, and data & analytics? Because your customers need a knowledge base that is made for them.

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