Is The No-Code Movement Really New?


Direct Video Of Our Unusual Marketing Meeting


Can Mainstream Marketing Routines Benefit Your Startup?


Concentrate On Shares To Boost Your Authority


Popular Mistakes Your Startup Will Make With Ads


Optimize Your Blog Content With Organic Video


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Future of Marketing


Customer Pain, Fail Scenarios, Brand Vision & Company Culture


Equity, User Churn, & Messaging


Develop Your Content Marketing Strategy Around Your Customers Goals

WordPress, Plugins, Security

Are You Missing These 3 Free WordPress Security Plugins?

Are you preventing the most common attacks against WordPress sites?...

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May 2019 Product Update

Reporting enhancements, new tooling features, infrastructure improvements, pricing updates, and a glimpse of our near-term roadmap.

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April 2019 Product Update

New Embed ChipBot, API docs, and API enhancements.

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Strange Notification Hack To Boost My Marketing Effort

After a month of launching our startup, there was one question I could never verify....

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Kayla LanzalacoKayla Lanzalaco
Marketing, Support

Crush Churn and Boost Customer Retention

Do you want to know a secret? You don’t really own your business, your customers...

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Add Search To Your Product-Market Fit Indicators

There’s a secret only a technologist would know. Search queries contain user behavior data. Data...

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Joseph DoughertyJoseph Dougherty

Want Loyal Customers? You Have To Prove Your Loyalty First

Losing your first set of customers can crush your startup’s momentum and throw your mental...

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Matt MroczekMatt Mroczek
Growth, Marketing

The One Way to Attract Early Customers to Your Startup — with No Budget

Stop spinning your wheels and start gaining traction!...

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Unlock 5 Website Benefits Using An FAQ Bot

Your homepage doesn’t have the best copy and your users are trying to find specific...

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Product and Design

Boost Your Success With This Massive Product Launch Checklist

You have a great idea and you’re ready to turn it into a business. Maybe...

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Don’t Guess What Customers Want. Get the Right User Feedback Tools For Your Website.

Customers shouldn’t have to think too much about their user experience. If they do, they’ll...

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Daily Marketing Steps and Routines For Startup Businesses And Founders

Bad marketing will kill your startup business. And when your company dies, and you create...

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