Affiliate Program Rules and Terms of Use

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April 01, 2023
Affiliate Program Rules and Terms of Use

The ChipBot affiliate program offers the opportunity to earn a commission from new customers they refer. Every customer that upgrades through your attribution awards you a commission and is recurring as long as the customer is still subscribed. New ChipBot customers who have been referred also enjoy a discount on their first month.

To join the Affiliate program, you can create an account here: Once you sign up with your desired referral code, you’ll be given an attribution link for promotion.

You’ll be awarded new and exciting perks as you get more traffic, signups, and upgrades.

  • Affiliates have an initial payout of up to 60 days to avoid fraud. This lowers to 30 days for most affiliates and drops to 7 days for high-performing affiliates.
  • The standard commission rate for each referral transaction is 30% of the sale.
    • For example, when you refer one customer who upgrades to the Startup Plan ($9/mo), you get $3 each month that customer is subscribed.
  • You will be notified immediately of customers who upgrade from your referral code.
  • Payouts transact over PayPal.
  • Fees required to transfer your account will deduct from your payout. This is most often just the PayPal transaction fee or currency conversion fee.
  • There are bonuses and awards for hitting certain milestones as you promote your affiliate link.
  • All affiliates are manually reviewed for fraud and misuse after their first referred upgrade.

You may only share referral codes or link on videos, blog articles, image captions, social media posts, podcasts, live steams, profile bio links, PPC posts, SEO campaigns, emails, community posts, and websites you own.

  • From your family, friends, or colleagues.
  • From your link-in-bio on TikTok or Instagram.
  • From your community Facebook group page.
  • From your YouTube video description.
  • From your Podcast b-roll.
  • From your video or chatbot SEO article.
  • From your newsletter.
  • From your paid search campaign.
  • From spamming comments on YouTube video posts.
  • From bait-and-switch affiliate marketing schemes.
  • From newsletters sent from mass-email lists.
  • From hijacking a top comment on a Reddit post.
  • From a Craigslist listing promising more sales to businesses.
  • From yourself or your team signing up for accounts.

We disallow malicious ways to distribute our affiliate link and reserve the right to terminate your affiliate account at will. We are fair and will communicate with you before we take action if we find issues with your account. Payouts will be revoked on any affiliates sanctioned by SWISS IMF or PayPal. Referred accounts signed up with fraudulent or high-risk credit cards will be attributed to your account. Any account attempting to gamify the system will be immediately terminated.

We reserve the right to change the affiliate program, the commission rate, the perks, and the rules at any time. We may also terminate this affiliate program or any user’s participation in the program at any time for any reason.

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Matt Lo
Matt Lo

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