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Automate your website support, call to actions, and behavior reporting with ChipBot.

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ChipBot Features

Win Customers Faster

Give customers confidence on your website with searchable questions and answers from real users.

Any answer you reply through ChipBot is later reused to customers who ask the same question. Answered questions are ranked by relevancy and can be accessible on any page.

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Maximize Conversions

Get a more predictable sales funnel from your website. No coding or asking your web gal for updates.

With ChipBot, you get call-to-actions on any page, on any section of your website, and automatic analytics tracking.

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Absolute Power To Customize

Absolute Power To Customize

ChipBot gives you full control over the look and feel. Match your style and branding for a seamless user experience.

Change color, icon graphic, theme, position, and behavior rules. You also can add global content, change field behavior, get NPS data, and enable GDPR support.

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Unlock Behavior Data

Unlock Behavior Data

Your ChipBot report tells you what users partially typed, which days ChipBot was most active on, and where ChipBot was making the biggest impact.

You can leverage these exclusive reports to make precise decisions on how to optimize your landing or checkout page.

And we integrate automatically with Google Analytics.

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Google Sites

Upgrade Your Customer Experience Anywhere

WordPress Website

ChipBot operates on the bottom corner of your website on any page you want.

Installing it is a breeze and if you need it, we'll help you over online screen share or in-person, for free.

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