Questions Your Users Ask, Is Value You Gain.

Automated reusable support bots like ChipBot helps grow your data ecosystem around your users.

Searchable Questions

How Your Users Get Support

ChipBot helps guide users by providing user-generated questions that are ranked by your users. When you answer a question, the question and answer pair is added back into ChipBot.


  • Crowdsource FAQ
  • Real-Time Search
  • Answer Voting

Try it now by asking ChipBot a question! You'll be helping the next user who lands on this site.

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Answer Dashboard

How Answers Work For You

When you receive a question from ChipBot, two things happen for you.

  1. You get notified the next day, so you can concentrate on your work without being distracted.
  2. The answer you provide will automatically be served to future users who have the same question.

Over time, you gain the same experience as live chat, but without spending money for a full-time resource maintaining your chatbot.

Trigger Happy

Automated Call-To-Actions

Use the data you collected from your questions to add call-to-actions. Improve conversions and proactively help guide your users.

For example, you might use a call-to-action to promote your March sale.

  • Configure visibility
  • Configure frequency
  • A/B Test your content
Easy Dashboard

Easy User Interface

We made ChipBot's admin interface simple and to the point.

ChipBot is a 1-line installation, data is accessible and mobile-friendly, and reports hit your email on a weekly basis.

Trigger Happy


It's vital to ensure the experience exceeds your user's expectations.

Configure ChipBot that matches your brand guidelines and business preferences.

  • Customize colors and your icon
  • Light and dark themes
  • Optional feedback button
Actionable Data

Understand Your User's Behavior

Get a snapshot of how your users are engaging with ChipBot and start making data-driven decisions on website improvements.


  • Google Analytics integration
  • User behavior metrics
  • Event logging
  • Pixel conversion tracking

Upgrade Your Support Today

ChipBot will work on any platform you're hosted on. It only takes one code snippet to get started and takes less than 5 minutes to fully deploy ChipBot.

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