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Feature #1

A Smart Way For Users To Ask A Question or Browse An Answer

Feature #2

A System To Provide Multimedia Answers And Collect Feedback

Feature #3

Notifications That Guide Users Through Your Site Thoughtfully

Feature #4

Intentional Messages That Prompt Promotions, Conversations, Or Feedback

Feature #5

Room To Collect New Questions That Don't Have Answers

Feature #6

Fast Forms For Contact Submissions, Store Directions, and One-Tap Call Options

Feature #7

Direct Access to Book Automatic Meetings, Demos, and Calls With ChipBot

Built around convenience

Every feature is built for your user and for you to save time. Our approach is unique, innovative, and a much needed alternative to live chat and expensive chat bots.

ChipBot is free to use, so give it a try on your website.

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ChipBot operates on the bottom corner of your website on any page you want.

Installing it is a breeze and if you need it, we'll help you over online screen share or in-person, for free.

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