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Knowledge Base in a Bot

Users want help from where exactly where they are. They don't want to jump around.

With ChipBot, all the help topics and answers accessible on any page.

Full Text Search
Media Support
User Feedback

ChipBot's Call To Actions

Collect feedback to improve your articles, collect questions for the knowledge base, and drive traffic from high traffic pages.

Use call to actions functionality these create engagement experiences that pop up when users hit a certain scroll point.

A/B Testable

ChipBot's Call to Action Examples

Pro Tip: Use this to reduce bounce rates, improve SEO, and funnel traffic to product pages.

ChipBot Call-To-Action Type

ChipBot's Dashboard

Our dashboard is focused on simplicity and feels identical to other web based software you used to make money online. Get in, get out, without hassle.

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Cycle of Data

ChipBot collects all questions from both automated engagements and searches.

Then ChipBot leverages those questions as new content topics for the knowledge base.

Feeds Knowledge Base
Detects Friction

Several Ways To Use ChipBot

ChipBot helps solve problems for all businesses ranging from customer support to lower customer acquisition costs.

Convert More Sales

Convert More Sales

Find Customer Friction

Find Customer Friction

Save Time On Support

Save Time On Support

Replace Live Chat

Replace Live Chat

Improve Landing Pages

Improve Landing Pages

Capture User Feedback

Capture User Feedback

Built around convenience

Every feature is built for your user and for you to save time. Our approach is unique, innovative, and a much needed alternative to live chat.

ChipBot is free to use, so give it a try on your website.

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Google Sites

Compatible Everywhere

WordPress Website

Installing ChipBot is the same process as setting up your analytics.

If you need help, use our 1-minute step-by-step video tutorials. Once installed, content and upgrades automatically refresh.

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