Leverage Your Woocommerce Thank You Page. It’s Got Potential.

Emily Randolph
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Emily Randolph
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March 26, 2021
Leverage Your Woocommerce Thank You Page. It’s Got Potential.

Without a CTA, there’s a 0% chance for a conversion on a thank you page. Zero is not a number you want for conversions.

You need to give your customers something to click on in order for the page to be successful. But first, in order to do that, you need to create a custom thank you page on your Woocommerce site. 

The potential opportunity and benefits of using a custom Woocommerce thank you page instead of defaults should be enough to motivate you to get started.

Potential itself is what makes a thank you page most enticing; you don’t want to waste your potential. But the benefits may be the biggest motivating factor.

With a Woocommerce thank you page you can:

  • Increase your sales – linking to popular content and providing discounts warms your customers up to make purchases later on and share with friends and family
  • Reinforce your brand – it builds up your reputation so that people know you are a brand that is for your customers
  • Get feedback – lets you gain deeper insights so you can provide better content overall

There are many different ways to customize your Woocommerce thank you page, but this is an easy and free way to get started and test it out.

Adding checkout support will help with any issues or obstacles that may hinder the checkout process. Customers can often get frustrated or confused during the checkout process.

They even sometimes regret their purchase or have more questions afterward. Support will keep them informed without creating any extra churn during checkout.

With ChipBot, customers have automatic support during the whole process. It is convenient and accurate, providing an onsite knowledge base that allows users to stay focused at checkout.

You can promote when users are ready, adding CTAs when they scroll to a certain point, or after they have made a purchase. 

It’s easier than ever to add ChipBot on your WordPress page, all you have to do is add the plugin like you would any other plugin. 

CartFlows allows you to add sales funnels alongside your Woocommerce page and create a custom checkout page to replace the Woocommerce page. You can then add a thank you page to follow the checkout page. 

CartFlows is fully customizable and allows you the freedom to make your thank you page whatever you want it to be.

This plugin, and others like it, make it possible to step outside the confines of Woocommerce features and take advantage of your thank you page. 

With a plugin you can add:

  • Dynamic coupons
  • Videos
  • HTML
  • Image and text blocks
  • Recommended products
  • Google maps
  • Social share buttons

Taking advantage of your Woocommerce thank you page includes leveraging the features that will give you complete control.

Choose from many different templates, and then edit your page with complete design control. You can literally add whatever you want, including all of the above features.

Creating a checkout page to replace the Woocommerce page that then sends your customers directly to your thank you page after a purchase gives you the leverage you need to insert certain calls to action and discounts. 

You also have the ability to edit the URL for the page so it can be easily accessed and remembered. 

Creating a thank you page for Woocommerce gives you a lot of benefits, but it is just the first step in utilizing your thank you page to its fullest potential. Customizing it allows you to make a good thank you page, which allows you to reap the following benefits:

By adding a Woocommerce thank you page, you can create additional sales funnels for products that are doing really well. Winning a secondary sale is the most direct way to take full advantage of your thank you page. 

You can upsell and market to your customers that have already committed to buying from you. They have just made a purchase, so offer them some recommendations based on what they bought.

You can also offer a self-liquidating thank you offer on your confirmation page if you’re paying for traffic.

Having a thank you page connected to your checkout page gives you a more focused attitude. You can focus on keeping your customers interested and happy while making sure that all of their needs are met.

It can be easy to forget that your customers are the reason that you’re there, and adding a thank you page to appreciate them helps you refocus your attention on why you do what you do. 

A thank you page can be a form of customer service. You are providing them with support, appreciation, and features that allow them to get the most out of their experience with your website.

A good custom thank you page helps you build a connection with your users and build a reputation for your brand. The connection is especially important for the customers so they keep coming back.

It also goes hand in hand with your reputation. If you build a connection with your customers, it will basically build your reputation for you. 

When there’s a connection, it provides an experience your customers will remember

A thank you page can link to other pages and offer deals that encourage your users to take action and further engage with your site. For this reason, it is very important to add CTAs to your thank you page.

Customers are used to following visual cues in order to find what is important to them. Especially on websites, visual cues allow customers to easily spot what they need and follow along until they have completed their journey. 

A CTA with action words gives the customer something immediate they can act on and helps them navigate through your website.

CTAs should have specific colors and words that catch the users attention, and they should always be pointing the user toward something new.

When you offer self-service customer support like a knowledge base or FAQ plugin, you give confidence to your customers to make the right choice.

You can then use that time to collect as many questions as you can. This is the time they will ask the most important questions. 

Those questions will be useful information when creating future ads and landing pages. The feedback you receive will also help in many other situations, including maintaining and updating your thank you page. 

Along with the other benefits that a Woocommerce thank you page impacts, data gives you more insight into how to keep your customers happy and your website at its best.

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