What to Offer in Your Thank You Page for Immediate Results

Emily Randolph
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Emily Randolph
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February 01, 2021
What to Offer in Your Thank You Page for Immediate Results

Potential is one of the top things to look for when making decisions for your website. You want to make sure that the changes you make have the potential to help your company grow and bring in more customers. 

A thank you page has potential. But it needs to be taken advantage of to get the most ROI from your customers. 

Thank you pages are often overlooked. Therefore the potential for nurturing customers is very much glossed over. It all comes down to making sure you are getting the most out of what you have. 

You can get a lot out of your thank you page. The biggest mistake people make with their thank you page is not taking advantage of it.

It is often underutilized and therefore there is not much return. By following these practices, you can take full advantage and get the benefits.

When users buy things, they often have more questions or regret their purchase in some way. Sometimes customers have a different opinion of the product after they purchase it.

The support you offer combats this post-purchase hesitation.

Customers are happier because they get their questions answered right away. You can include a link to an FAQ page or put customer support right there on the page. 

A customer support system like ChipBot can provide support on every page of your website, including your thank you page. You can ask customers questions when they land on the page or scroll to a certain point.

Referrals can be a very predictable source of income when they are consistent. On your thank you page, ask new readers to refer you to a friend or family member and include links or even a prewritten email for them to fill out. 

You can also ask new readers or customers to share an important page on social media. Include a reason why–it will give them the extra nudge to want to share or help you if you give it a purpose. 

83% of consumers are willing to refer after a positive experience—yet only 29% actually do. Ask for referrals on your thank you page and the willing will.

Winning a secondary sale is the most direct way to take full advantage of your thank you page. When upselling, you’re marketing to your customers that have already committed to buying from you.

They have just made a purchase, so offer them some recommendations based on what they bought. 

On your thank you page, the sell becomes the primary product, giving you more real estate for your pitch.

Customers are always looking for discounts, and you can use discounts to reward good behavior.

Don’t give too many, and don’t give too little, but provide them on your thank you page every once in a while to meet that happy medium. 

If a customer makes a purchase or subscribes to your site, it is because they like your content or expect you to deliver valuable content in the future.

For that reason alone, your thank you page is the perfect opportunity to deliver on that expectation

It is essential that you continue to meet that expectation so that your customers continue to interact with your brand and make more purchases from you in the future.

People want to connect with others and find a place to belong. By providing an online community for them to join and connect with other people who follow your brand, you are allowing them to build those connections. 

Not only does this help your customers connect, but it also builds a community of loyal customers and readers.

As they begin to engage with your content and other users, they are more and more inclined to keep coming back and even encourage others to engage. 

Surveying your audience gives you insight into what they want and need. Adding a quick survey to your thank you page allows you to get that information right there before they leave the site.

However, you have to ask the right questions.

Businesses often have a hard time finding the right questions for their survey, and therefore don’t benefit from the answers.

As we’ve mentioned and shown above, thank you pages have major potential when it comes to converting customers. Putting the above practices in place will give you many benefits as well.

It pays off, and continues to pay off if you consistently keep it up, but how?

Your customers are anxious to hear what you have to say. They like you, or they wouldn’t have subscribed or purchased from you.

With the right combination of these strategies, they will always convert, and they may even convert others for you.

Linking to popular content and providing discounts warms your customers up to make purchases later on and to share with their friends and family who will also make purchases later on. 

Even the smallest effort on your party leaves a stronger impression than a generic thank you page with the same template and information as any other website.

Don’t be like everyone else. Embody your brand, and make that a priority.

Showing up for your customers after they have shown up for you says a lot about your brand and what you stand for. It builds up your reputation so that people know you are a brand that is for your customers. 

A thank you page is the perfect way to get feedback. What better place for it than right after your users have finished their journey on your site? Asking them how their experience was is the perfect way to end it. 

Conducting a survey and encouraging engagement lets you gain deeper insights so you can provide better content overall.

Automate a certain question depending on your user’s purchase or subscription. Ask, “How was your experience?” and let them rate you with an NPS score.

That feedback is the end all be all for your sight. You need it if you want to keep providing what your customers want and need. 


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