8 Thank You Page Examples for Beating Their Expectations

Emily Randolph
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Emily Randolph
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February 01, 2021
8 Thank You Page Examples for Beating Their Expectations

Believe it or not, it costs 5 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one. New customers are bright and shiny and exciting, but they aren’t always who you should be worried about. 

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 – 70%, while the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%. So how do you focus some of your efforts on existing customers?

Say thank you. And mean it.

Your readers and customers are going to have expectations from you.

A thank you page is your chance to set up those expectations (for new customers) and meet those expectations (for returning customers). 

Readers and customers may also be familiar with other thank pages and engagement from other websites, so the bare minimum is not going to cut it.

Seeing what other sites have to offer gives them the expectation that your page will be just as good, if not better. 

Don’t just slap a bow on it. A thank you page is your chance to build an impeccable reputation and good relationships with your customers.

Your thank you page should be engaging and strategic. To make sure you take full advantage, you’ll need to include some of the best practices:

  • Offer support
  • Ask for referrals and social shares
  • Use up and down sell funnels
  • Offer discounts or rewards
  • Link to popular content
  • Encourage engagement
  • Conduct a survey or ask for feedback

The following thank you page examples have all the best practices for a thank you page. 

After you make a purchase or order try ons from Warby Parker, they immediately send you to their thank you page.

On that page, they first say thank you and give you the information you need to keep up with your order. They also give a number to offer support in case you have any questions. 

They then jump right in and ask for referrals and social shares. Warby doesn’t just ask for a referral, though, they also offer a reward. If you refer a friend, they will thank you with “fun surprises!” 

Then, they offer social share buttons to make it easy to post to whatever social media site you prefer, and they even have a pre-written post so you don’t have to do any of the work yourself. 

What’s more, Warby Parker sends a thank you email if you visit their store in person. They summarize your order (basically a virtual receipt) and then ask for feedback via survey.

With the survey, they also offer a reward. You’ll be entered to win a gift card if you complete it. They then offer support via email. 

Like Warby Parker, when you make a purchase from Harry’s, their thank you page starts off by saying thank you and giving order information.

They then offer support and a chance to give feedback by providing an email. They also add in a bit of humor/personality to help you understand who they are as a brand. 

Harry’s asks for social shares by simply providing two little buttons for customers to navigate on their own.

The use of icons is helpful and doesn’t clog up the page with any extra text. They then conduct a quick survey right there on the page.

Harry’s also has a referral program. When you sign up, they route you to this thank you page to offer rewards for inviting friends.

You are given a unique link that you can share via email or social media, and shown how the program works. They give not just one reward, but four, depending on how many friends you get to sign up.

When you subscribe to their newsletter, Shopify offers a simple thank you page. They say thank you and then offer a discount for your next purchase.

The discount has a coupon code and an expiration date, pushing customers to use it now, as the button suggests. 

Target’s thank you page is also very simple, with easy to navigate icons. They first let you know that you’re good to go, and that offers (discounts or rewards) will be coming your way (most likely via email) soon.

There is also a button that allows you to continue shopping, setting up a subtle sales funnel.

They then offer ways to engage with their brand via social media channels and ways to save with discounts and popular content.

At first glance, this page seems almost too simple, but the simple design allows them to pack the most into their thank you page. 

L.L. Bean’s thank you page reflects their brand well and lets you know they appreciate you.

They immediately offer support by providing their customer service number that is available 24/7. They also give you the option to visit them in stores for support.

After the initial thanks, L.L. Bean uses a sales funnel to interest you in more of their products.

They offer products similar to the product you just purchased that are “handpicked just for you” to give you the opportunity to find more of what you need. 

After Impact genuinely thanks the user for purchasing their guide, they link to popular content on their website.

Not only does this offer a friendly way for them to build their reputation, but it also offers the users a way to further engage with their content. 

This page is simple, but it matches what the brand is trying to accomplish.

The user probably had an expectation that they would be provided with more content in the future, and the thank you page meets those expectations right out of the gate. 

Zappos first and foremost shows excitement for the customer’s registration. They then go on to explain the benefits of being registered with them.

They offer support by providing a link to their “fabulous” customer service, and they create a sales funnel by providing a link to their “ginormous selection” of products. 

They also display a good bit of personality in this page, which encourages customers to engage and build a relationship with their brand all on it’s own. 

After purchasing a meal plan with Blue Apron, you are directed to this page, where they use an upsell funnel.

Blue Apron wants you to buy wine that they have carefully selected to pair with the meals you just bought, which, for many customers, is the perfect combination.

They also mention that you are getting exclusive access to the wines, as a thank you for subscribing to their meal kits. 

This upsell is not obnoxious or too salesy. It fits right in with the purchase you just made and it meets the expectation that Blue Apron will provide you with all-inclusive personalized meals. 


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