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Push Users To Your Goals.

ChipBot's Call To Actions are similar to popups, but convert higher, and are easy to test with.

Promote When Users Are Ready

ChipBot's Call To Actions are promotions that popup when users scroll to a certain part of the website.

Receive User Feedback

Chipbot has several different types of Call To Actions. Use the Feedback Variant to get early feedback on your SEO blog articles and measure satisfaction.

Reduce Bounce Rates

Keep users on the page longer, collect their inquiry, then use the data to improve the website.

Improve Landing Pages

With Call To Actions, you can constantly A/B test what the strongest message is. Then use the winner for your headlines, ads, and pitches.

Only ChipBot gives you the ability to promote to users on your website without any coding.

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Improve landing pages by A/B testing Call To Actions

Increase Knowledge Base Answers

Collecting questions right away helps build a robust knowledge base.

Only ChipBot's innovative behavior model grows your knowledge base with questions from real users.

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Call To Actions

Create New CTAs in Seconds

ChipBot's Call To Actions are easy to add and modify. They provide a unique set of abilities to convert users that you won't see in any other bot.

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