These 4 Dreadful Interactions Are Sabotaging Your Website. Here’s How to Solve Them…

Lyric Mott
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Lyric Mott
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May 21, 2021
These 4 Dreadful Interactions Are Sabotaging Your Website. Here’s How to Solve Them…

There is a perfect way to interact with your users, and it can drastically increase their desire to spend money.

The secret is to hook them as soon as they land on your website. Buy yourself at least 30 seconds, and then use that to buy yourself more time. 

You should design each interaction to keep users on the page until they take your goal action. 

And since Google Analytics won’t give you much help with finding weak spots to improve on, we decided to tackle it ourselves. 

Let’s talk about the website interaction issues that can block you from turning users into paying customers.

Ever walk into a brick-and-mortar store and the employees full out ignore you? Or worse– there’s nothing there to help you find what you need?  It’s quite frustrating and disappointing, isn’t it?

Your users feel the exact same when they land on your website and you don’t acknowledge them

But it goes much deeper than hurt feelings. Neglecting users can directly cause you to lose out on sales. After all, an ignored prospect is a deterred customer.

The solution is to start interacting with your users more. Sounds easy, right? 

Except, if you’re running your online business all alone, time is already scarce. Spending it on something that seems nonessential might not be an option for you.

There are ways to get around that, though. Set out about 10 minutes to record an engaging video that your users can interact with. The videos can help you collect feedback, hype up featured products, or just start a conversation.

Now that we’ve covered the dangers of not interacting enough, let’s talk about what happens when you overdo it.

Remember: When there’s too much to process, the mind won’t process anything. 

A website that has a salesy popup, a nonactive live chat icon, a go-to-top button, and the main call-to-action button is too overstimulating for anyone to interact with.

Falling into this trap will drive focus away from your product, which is the exact opposite of what you want.

First, ditch those jarring popups that people just close out anyway. Replace them with non-intrusive messages that influence users to take action without annoying them.   

Next, identify which buttons and action items are necessary to your website’s flow, and dump the rest. A clear call to action and a robust help box are a must, but the rest is up to your discretion.

Figure out the high priority goal of the webpage, and remove the action items that don’t guide users to that goal.

One of the worst things you can tell a potential customer is to wait.

When you add live chat without enough time or employees to man it, that’s essentially what you’re doing. Users see “chat with us”, and they expect a real human to be on the other side of that chat box in seconds. 

When a contact form or a generic chat conversation appears instead, they feel disappointed and impatient, and then they leave.

The purpose of live chat is to deliver fast answers and start profitable conversations. If you don’t have time to do that, it’s wise to look for an alternative that still feels authentic.

Answer questions faster, without sacrificing value for speed. Consider a self-service tool that leverages past interactions to automatically answer future users.

Chatbots are popping up all over the place lately because they’re easy to build and install. Unfortunately, they can also be extremely limiting.

The pre-written scripts leave out hundreds — maybe thousands — of conversation possibilities, and they don’t answer questions well or provide useful solutions.

More often than not, these restraints send users running before your website has the chance to hook them. 

Kick ol’ chatty to the curb. Replace it with a tool that gives users a more personalized experience without giving yourself more work to do. You’ll quickly see the difference in how much longer people stick around.

Your website is the perfect opportunity to make a  first impression with potential customers. It’s an extension of you, so it should mirror who you want to be as a business owner. 

Look over your website and make sure it isn’t repelling users with excessive or absent interaction, misleading live chat, or unhelpful chatbots.

Experience is everything. If you can provide a delightful one without burying yourself in work, you’ll never have to worry about where your next sale is coming from. 

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