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Everything You’ll NEVER Need a Chatbot For

Emily Randolph
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Emily Randolph
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January 25, 2021
Everything You’ll NEVER Need a Chatbot For

There are many chatbot applications for any given website, and they say you can use chatbots for anything, but not everything has a good use for a chatbot.

The predictions for how a chatbot can/will be used don’t exactly get it right, and it really isn’t all that helpful if you are trying to get your money’s worth.

Here is what not to do with your chatbot (all the ways it doesn’t make sense).

ChatBot Applications That Don’t Make Any Sense

While chatbots can be used for just about anything, that doesn’t mean they should be. It is important to note the mind of the user: what would they do in each of these situations?

The following are tasks that don’t make sense for a chatbot — these tasks could be a use for a chatbot, but would be much better suited to something else or not at all.

Buying a Basic Item

What exactly defines a basic item? How does your website benefit from chatbot support in buying said item?

A basic item like toilet paper or toothpaste would make chatbot support pointless. Not only would this be something you most likely wouldn’t buy online, but you also wouldn’t really need much guidance in your purchase.

If you did go online to buy an item like this, you would probably get on and off the website in a matter of minutes.

Getting Detailed Answers or Long Explanations

Chatbots are especially helpful for website support when customers or users have questions, but with some questions, more detail is required.

With chatbots, you want to give short concise answers so users can quickly find what they need and move on. If a more detailed explanation is needed, the chatbot should provide an extra resource (like an email address or webpage) for the user to further explore their options.

Having a chatbot in this case makes it harder for customers by creating an added step to find what they are looking for. And if you do include long explanations in your chatbot, that creates a sore spot for the customers who are looking for a short and quick answer. 

Getting a Quick Answer in an Emergency

As mentioned above, chatbots are good for quick answers, and that should be one of its main uses, but emergencies might not be the right scenario for this.

For any emergencies, aside from a fashion emergency, it might be best to call 911 or someone who is better equipped to help, like a live agent.

Chatbots are often faster than live support in other circumstances, but in an emergency situation, you need the advantage of human connection and compassion.

Bots can easily provide factual information and resources, but they shouldn’t be relied on for emergencies.

Making a Reservation

It makes sense that a chatbot might have this capability, but it doesn’t make sense for it to be the main purpose or top function of the bot.

If this is the only reason you need support, a chatbot is not the best option. There are easier ways to allow users to make reservations where chatbots aren’t needed.

For the most part, people will call or book online to make a reservation at a restaurant, and when booking online, the UI on a website is much better than a conversation.

A user won’t take the time to go on and find the chatbot to make a reservation, they are much more likely to call or use yelp, google, or another site that has this capability.

To implement a chatbot for the sole purpose of allowing users to make reservations is simply something you don’t need.


Not sure if this really needs an explanation — does anyone want a chatbot as a therapist?

Yes, online therapy is and has recently become an important feature and aspect of therapy, but you don’t need a chatbot to do it. 

You could use live chat and video chat capabilities, but a chatbot would be pretty unnecessary for this purpose. If a user has questions about therapy or a specific company, a chatbot would be helpful, but no one is going to volunteer their personal information to a bot.

Not to mention, how exactly would a chatbot respond in this situation? With only pre-programmed responses or AI, alike to the emergencies, a bot does not have the human experience and compassion needed for this purpose.

Medical Diagnosis

It is safe to assume that most people go to the doctor for a medical diagnosis. And, while many people use “Dr. Google” to self-diagnose, no one is going to trust a chatbot as their medical expert.

Live chat might be a better option for this — if a trusted medical professional is on the other ends of the live chat, quick medical advice could be given.

It’s too early to trust any type of AI to do broad diagnosis in 2021.

A Few Chatbot Applications That Do Make Sense

Not all of the predictions get it wrong, there are still quite a few that get it right.

Quickly Resolving a Complaint or Problem

Chatbots make it easy for customers to give feedback. If a user has a specific problem or complaint, a chatbot is well equipped to create a solution.

Just as the main use of a chatbot is to get a quick answer, resolving a problem is right behind and perfectly aligns with that feature. 

Unlike some of the uses listed above, the customer expects a quick response, and chatbots can collect emails and complaints to store and get a quick resolution going.

You can load whatever information you want into your chatbot, so your customers always have resources to consult when they have an issue or want to leave feedback.

Offer Discounts

Chatbots can easily offer discounts in several ways, which creates great opportunities to engage with customers.

You can create CTAs or pop-ups that offer discounts. Some of your landing pages will be visited more frequently than others, and your customers might revisit a certain product or read an article about the product in their research.

You can also offer discounts when users ask a specific question or enter their email address into your chatbot. It’s important to retain every customer that visits your website, so use your chatbot to collect their email addresses by offering them a perk for doing so.

Everyone loves discounts, and everyone loves a chatbot that does the job right.

Need a chatbot for all the right reasons? Try ChipBot today!

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