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ChipBot Update v2.7 – A New Way to Jumpstart Your Conversion Rates

Lyric Mott
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Lyric Mott
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May 07, 2021
ChipBot Update v2.7 – A New Way to Jumpstart Your Conversion Rates

We find it so frustrating that customer care solutions actively neglect solo entrepreneurs. It’s something we’re determined to reverse, and this latest update is a huge step in that direction.

If you’ve been using ChipBot for a while, you’re already familiar with our robust self-service desk (Nexus), and our transformative call-to-actions (Interceptors). Now, let us introduce our most impactful addition yet: ChipBot Pylons. They’re specifically designed to help you wake up your website audience. Let’s get into the details.

Stop web visitors dead in their tracks

Ever wish you could jump out right in front of your audience and make them listen to you? With ChipBot Pylons, you can record or upload videos and present them on any page of your website. Also, add text overlay to give visitors a quick taste of the video before they watch.

Pylons will change the game on how you interact with your visitors, and the possibilities are endless:

  • Pitch a product
  • Collect feedback on an article
  • Prompt a conversion
  • Make an announcement
  • So, so much more

Nudge visitors towards the next step in their journey

You’d be surprised by how many of your web users aren’t converting simply because they don’t know how. All they need is direction (and maybe a little assurance that they’re making a smart move).

To make your Pylon interactive, add buttons and link them to any landing page you want. This is a perfect way to follow through on the interest your video drummed up. Some examples of where you can send visitors:

  • Your email signup page
  • A product page
  • Your latest blog post
  • A helpful resource
  • Anywhere you can link to

Another great thing about Pylons is that you can make as many as you want and apply them different pages. There’s also a “Global” option to have one Pylon show up on every page of your site.

Shrink refund rates and customer churn

One of the biggest pains of doing business is when a customer starts doubting their decision and demands a refund. With a well-placed Pylon, you can prevent this problem before it happens.

Add a personalized video message of you thanking new customers for their purchase and educating on next steps. Make them feel appreciated and satisfied with their purchase. After that, they’ll think twice about asking for a refund or unsubscribing from your service.

Thank you page video. Reduce churn and shrink refund rates. ChipBot Pylons.

Blaze through setup and customize your Pylons in minutes

It’s always a bummer when you’re excited about a new feature or product, but the setup is painfully complex. Almost makes you wonder if the benefits are worth the hassle.

With Pylons, we wanted to make the entire process, from setup to save, completely frictionless. The editor is streamlined, clean, and ridiculously easy to use.

How easy, exactly? You can start adding Pylons to your website less than fifteen minutes after you decide to use them.

Building Pylons has been an exciting and rewarding experience for us, and we look forward to seeing how you make them your own. Feel free to reach out with questions, concerns, (or even praise😉). Thanks for reading!

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