Get Fast Benefits with a Shopify Chatbot

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Emily Randolph
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January 15, 2021
Get Fast Benefits with a Shopify Chatbot

You have a Shopify website, but do you have support? Do you know what a chatbot is and what it can do for you? Are you ready to get on with it and get results?

No matter what your answers to any of these questions are, a Shopify chatbot has the thing both you and your customers need: speed. 

Shopify Chatbots Give You the Speed You Need

You want convenience for your customers, and speed is convenient for you too. Visitors don’t stay on the site very long, so they need fast answers. 

Customers enter your website to make a purchase, and they are in and out as quickly as possible. If they have a question and don’t find the answer immediately, they will just leave the page without making a purchase.

Chatbots are different from other support because they don’t require live agents, they draw from a host of knowledge, and they are available 24/7.

Most importantly, they’re fast, and speed is the name of the game for fast sales.

Shopify Chatbots Benefit You and Your Customers

Your business needs features that will support both you and your customers. Adding a chatbot to your Shopify site gives you the following benefits.

Customer Awareness

Chatbots give you an awareness of what customers are asking before making a purchase. You can collect questions and feedback right there in the chat to get well-rounded awareness of what exactly your customers want.

If you’re ever wondering, “Why do I have users but no sales?” you can finally see what your users are thinking about and why they aren’t making a purchase.

Chatbots can get you that feedback because they are right there on the page. If users have to navigate to get support, ask a question, or leave feedback, they won’t do it. And you’ll never know why they left. 

Legitimize Your Website

In the same vein, chatbots protrude professionalism to your users. Having a chatbot gives you customer awareness by allowing you to get to know customers, and legitimizes your website by allowing customers to get to know you. 

With it, your site feels more legitimate and customers can feel confident in buying your product. This trust factor gives you peace of mind that your customers are well taken care of and shows them that you are there when they need help

When your customers trust your business, they are more likely to make purchases and return to the site a second time. The chatbot gives customers a way to interact with your brand and build a lasting relationship.


You don’t want to break the bank for support when you’re just starting out. Even a small online store can be a lot to manage, and a chatbot gives you everything you need for pretty low prices

  • You can be available 24/7 to your customers, 
  • You can provide extra knowledge like documents and videos in the same location,
  • And you can get data on your customers all at no extra cost

Paying for support is a pain, especially when you need to focus on other things, like your website and product. Chatbots, that take care of everything for you, are very affordable and even have free options.

Adding ChipBot on Shopify

If you want your chatbot to stand out to your customers as helpful, you need it to be automated. One such Shopify chatbot is ChipBot, a fully automated support bot that is not only fast but also free.

ChipBot answers questions, collects email addresses, and finds weak spots for you all while providing you with customer awareness and legitimizing your website.

Answers Questions

ChipBot answers all customer questions on your behalf. It is a knowledge base, so all of your knowledge is at your customers’ fingertips.

This gives you fast and convenient support. The support icon alone embodies accessibility, speed, and trust because customers can hit the button whenever they need to.

Plus, the small icon isn’t limited in any way in functionality. All questions are answered.

Collects Emails

ChipBot collects email addresses from customers before purchases so that you never lose touch with them. 

Unlike support systems that only collect an email address when a purchase is made, ChipBot can collect emails at multiple stages in the customer lifecycle. That way, you can reconnect with a customer who leaves the site before making a purchase.

For example, you can use the emails collected for newsletters or promotional content to get the user back. ChipBot connects with Zapier so you can connect to your email service (like MailChimp) and automatically collect email addresses and send emails. 

Finds Weak Spots

As much as we’d love to believe that our own sites are without any imperfections, it simply isn’t true. There are weak spots that we can’t see on our own, but ChipBot can help with that.

You want to know what your customers question about your website or product, and what places on your website they get lost or confused. ChipBot generates weekly reports to give you this data. 

These weekly reports allow you to see where your customers get stuck or have questions and what new activity came from ChipBot. That way, you can update your website to eliminate these weak spots for future customers. 

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