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Make Sure Your Customers Hit the BUY Button

Invite purchases, create urgency, and keep customers coming back for more. Our 3-in-1 tool is the perfect fodder for all the amazing products you have on offer.

Add videos to your Product Pages that bring out the best features of what you’re selling.

Reduce card abandonment
Add social proof with UGC
Show multiple videos
product page

Reduce uncertainty by eliminating chances of returns and cancellations. Show your gratitude by adding a video to a Thank You Page

Get customers to leave a review
Reduce chargebacks
Offer post-purchase support
thank you page

Reduce repetition from questions like refund policies, shipping, order status, and limited-time offers.

Serve FAQs from ChipBot
Built-in search & analytics
Track missed answers

Further address customer pain points with the help of our live chat features and our knowledge base.

Built-in live chat
Chat with customers
Get chat notifications on mobile
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Works on phones, tablets, and computers.


3x User Retention

Instantly fix high bounce rates without the need for design or content updates.

Up to 50% More Sales

Videos add a touch of authenticity to your website resulting in more leads and sales.

Cut Cost by 50%

Our pricing is HALF of our competitors, which means big savings for you!

We serve 34,000,000 visits
from 4,000+ websites

4,000+ Businesses use ChipBot
with a rating of 4.7 out of 5
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Matt - CEO and Founder of ChipBot
ChipBot - Video, Chat, Search for Websites

Make selling instantly easier right now!

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