ChipBot - Sell In Person On Your SiteChipBot - Sell In Person On Your Site

Keep Your Customers In Line
Not Bouncing Away

ChipBot builds customer confidence by answering their questions.

Defend The Funnel

Use ChipBot to answer questions and reduce drop off rates.

Make it easy to find refund policies, guides, and testimonials at any stage of the funnel.

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Ecommerce Funnel

How ChipBot Helps Your Store

ChipBot delivers a full-service knowledge base that builds confidence in your customers. Store discounts notes, articles that counter customer concerns, and general FAQs.

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Filter The Noise

It’s hard being available 24/7 on your own. When you install ChipBot, 80% of the common questions will be answered for you.

Customers get instant answers while you stay focused on growth.

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Collect Their Concerns

Customers want to give feedback, but only if it's easy.

ChipBot gives you the benefit of knowing what your customers have to say without requiring a live person.

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ChipBot Works on Any Website

ChipBot works on all platforms and custom HTML apps. Just drop the ChipBot snippet where your tracking snippets are and you're done.

Once setup, you manage ChipBot through our dashboard and updates happen over-the-air.

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