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Add Fast Personalized Videos to Hook More Customers

ChipBot Pylons is an all-in-one tool to record, implement, and measure personalized videos for your website.

Fast & Easy Video Creation

No editing, converting, or messing with HTML. Record on your phone or reuse an existing video.

Hook Users to Engage

Customize how your video appears in the golden corner of your website.

Launch Them
Into Action

Get users to buy or book faster with action links within your video.

Measure the Impact

Get analytics on average view time, completion rate, and click-through rate.

A/B with different videos using variant links or use our API for full Pylon control.

Pylon analytics

For Any Website

Online Store
Real Estate
Product Tools
Non Profit

On Any Page

Product Page
Thank You Page
Blog Article
Landing Page
Forgot Password
Product Dashboard

For All Purposes

Pitch your product or service
Add videos to reduce page density
Collect feedback for improvements
Show testimonials from customers

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Pylons in Action

See how easy it is to record a video and hook their customers with ChipBot Pylons.

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