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Face-to-Face Videos For Your Website

Personally say hello, show off your products, and nudge your customers to checkout using ChipBot Pylons.

Hook Customers in Seconds

Get that "walk-in" experience and gain full customer trust.

Boost attention span

Traffic stays longer with a friendly face to watch.

Warmup your leads

Use the homepage video to pitch why you're different.

Launch users into action

Start a live chat session and close the deal after they watch your video.

Unbox, show, and tell

Give customers a preview on what to expect.

Earn their trust

Convince customers you're the real deal.

Integrate FAQs

Link your videos with FAQs stored inside ChipBot Nexus.

Deliver peace of mind

Make your new customers feel excited about whats to come.

Reduce chargebacks

Talk through delivery ETA and offer open questions.

Accelerate your reviews

While your users are excited, ask them to submit a review.

Leverage your personality

Influence the customer right when they land.

Optimize conversions

Improve return-on-ad-spend with your sales pitch.

Run A/B testing

Use different sales videos on the same landing page.

Increase relatability

Talk about the content and bridge them to your homepage.

Get more from your SEO

Add more conversions from your blog articles.

Collect names and emails

Transform each article into a better lead-gen opportunity.

More Sales

Get more checkouts on Shopify, bookings on Calendly, more live chats, and more page clicks.

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No Camera Needed

Too busy to record a message? Select one our actors to greet customers for you.

Fast & Easy Install

Adding ChipBot Pylons is a simple, one time code embed, like a Facebook Pixel.

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