7 Examples of Social Proof Videos on Your Website

Matt Lo
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Matt Lo
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December 04, 2022
7 Examples of Social Proof Videos on Your Website

Consumers now have access to more information and options than ever before, giving them the power to decide what they want and how they want it. Companies must understand the need for personalized messaging that speaks directly to individual consumers rather than relying on tactics from the 2010s era of marketing.

To remain competitive in today’s market, brands must engage with their customers on a personal level. With the rise of TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts, short-form video is the defacto messaging tactic for 18-34-year-olds.

So how do you leverage these videos even further?

You already have a website. But you don’t need to redesign it or add some costly add-ons. There are tools (like ChipBot) that make this easy and affordable to add personalized videos to your website. Some even add user-generated content (also called UGC) to boost the authenticity of the message.

Nothing makes conversions smooth like butter than the face of a real customer, bragging about your product.

So what are the companies leveraging these tactics on their website?

Here are 7 live examples I researched for you.

They’re companies using personalized videos to boost conversions on their website. Specifically, these are small to medium size businesses that are budget conscious and only use tools that work.

The examples below are a mixture of personalized videos AND user-generated content videos since both are effective.

Check them out below.

Disclaimer: all these companies are using ChipBot to showcase their video.

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Matt Lo
Matt Lo

Matt is a Houston-based entrepreneur with over a decade of experience building highly scalable web-based technology solutions. Knowledgeable in 12 different programming languages and experienced startup veteran; having worked on 6 others. He's currently the founder and CEO of ChipBot. You can reach Matt on Twitter, LinkedIn, or StackOverflow.

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