(2022) How to Schedule Video on your Shopify Store

Matt Lo
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Matt Lo
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November 27, 2021
(2022) How to Schedule Video on your Shopify Store

Contextual awareness matters. Authenticity using video converts.

You might already schedule posts for social media. Shouldn’t that apply to the most important asset on your website? Black Friday/Cyber Monday, new product launches, and limited-time promo codes all benefit from a well-planned video on your Shopify website.

This quick guide helps with:

  • No-code video scheduling. Plan ahead of the event without messing with the code on your website.
  • Acquiring new customers. Show contextual, relevant videos showing limited-time offers (Black Friday, Holidays, Special Events, etc…)
  • Display a promo code for a limited time. Use ChipBot Pylon’s text feature to show the promo code or an active link applying the promo code.

The guide below assumes you have ChipBot installed on your website. If you’re new to ChipBot, create a free account to add personalized videos to your website.

Set Your Video Schedule

Before you set your video scheduling, make sure you created your time-gated Pylon first. Create your time-sensitive Pylon and upload your video if you haven’t already.

1. Edit your Pylon and go to Activation Events.

2. Go to the User Behavior Event section. Select Activate by Device Time.

3. Select your date and time. The first box sets the date. The bottom left box sets the start time. The bottom right sets the end time.

And that’s it!

Also, remember you can create different videos for different pages and have schedules for those videos too. This is useful for showing your customers how they can use/apply/gift your product in a relevant manner.

Extra features

Three setting options to consider:

  • Set exact hours and minutes. For your end date, make sure you change the time to 11:59 PM to stop the video at the end of the day.
  • Try enabling local time. This is a specific setting if you want a rolling end time based on your customer’s timezone. For example, if you live in New York and set the time for 9 PM, someone living in Los Angeles would see the video end at 9 PM instead of 6 PM.
  • Set an empty end date. If you want to schedule a video ahead of a launch date but want to keep it up indefinitely, you can leave the end date empty. See below:

Finally, if you don’t have time to work on your video, you can use one of our preset actors instead. We’re adding new ones every month, so if you have any requests on what they should say, contact me with your suggestion using my ChipBot on the bottom right or email support@getchipbot.com.

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Matt Lo
Matt Lo

Matt is a Houston-based entrepreneur with over a decade of experience building highly scalable web-based technology solutions. Knowledgeable in 12 different programming languages and experienced startup veteran; having worked on 6 others. He's currently the founder and CEO of ChipBot. You can reach Matt on Twitter, LinkedIn, or StackOverflow.


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