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Posted 6 months ago
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February 2019 Product Update

New Zapier integration, Trigger updates, and a new API!

February 2019 Product Update

Ready for spring? How about more value? 💰💯

We’ve spent the last several weeks improving ChipBot, the dashboard, and other features that you’ll definitely want to check out. Here a recap of what we built:

New: Trigger Improvements

First, we’ve added the ability to have rich text from within a Trigger. This allows you to format a captivating message while still staying within the boundaries of great user experience.

Second, when your Trigger is configured to open a URL, you can now set whether you want that URL to be opened in a new window or within the same window.

The third update we added for Triggers is overall stability improvements. If you accidentally create a trigger with no content, it won’t show automatically on your website.

Finally, we have a sprint to vastly improve the UI, we’ve observed several user experience issues around saving data and we’re planning to tackle that problem in March.

New: ChipBot API

For partners and users who want deep integration with ChipBot on their own platform, we are happy to announce we have both client side and server side APIs you can work with.

Our documentation is still in the works so please reach out to us on support or social media for any questions around our APIs and how to use them.

Don’t bother trying getting into my account, the API keys above won’t work for you! 😉

New: Zapier Integration

As a followup with new APIs, we took advantage of this by creating a new Zap on Zapier to connect ChipBot with thousands of other apps.

As of right now, ChipBot on Zapier is by invite-only but you can ask us for an invite directly in ChipBot on the bottom right (make sure you’re logged in, otherwise we won’t know who you are!). We’ll formally release it without an invite after we’re satisfied with stability and monitoring.

The Zapier integration will also enable you to directly talk to MailChimp and Klaviyo, which was mentioned in the last product update. We may offer direct integrations with these services down the line, but for now, Zapier can facilitate the bridge from your ChipBot to those services.

On a side note, once we’re public on the Zapier marketplace, I’ll create a page for you to instantly create Zaps, right from!

Lesser Notable Updates

  • Added “Required” labels within ChipBot’s required fields.
  • Added an Insight Global Footer section so you can have central content at the bottom of each Insight. Super useful for advertising an event or placing a global call to action image. You can find this setting under the Insight’s Setting page.
  • Several bug fixes and performance updates around the dashboard and ChipBot.
  • We started a video series!

What’s ahead in March at ChipBot?

  • Trigger Dashboard improvements
  • Expanded reporting features (paying customers only):
    • Full access to the entire history of data instead of only 30 days. This will work retroactively.
    • Common trends report
    • Search/page analysis report (providing user inquiry trends based on their page)
  • Improve messaging! Although this isn’t a direct product update, it was really important for us to nail how to communicate our product. Expect new homepage, product page, and new landing pages for us to communicate our offerings. Remember to refer ChipBot!
  • Tentative features:
    • ChipBot UI improvements
    • ChipBot API documentation

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them right in ChipBot on the bottom right!

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Matt is a Chicago-based entrepreneur with over a decade of experience building highly scalable web-based technology solutions. Knowledgable in 12 different programming languages and experienced startup veteran; having worked on 6 others. He's currently the founder and CEO of ChipBot. You can reach Matt on Twitter, LinkedIn, or StackOverflow.

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