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ChipBot v2.9 – Product Updates & Pricing Changes

Matt Lo
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Matt Lo
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January 13, 2022
ChipBot v2.9 – Product Updates & Pricing Changes

With our latest batch of code changes all deployed, we’re ready to share what’s been updated and what’s on the horizon.

Before we get in the details… thank you for continuously using ChipBot to help increase your website sales and save time by automating your support.

Most of you are using ChipBot Pylons but as we progress throughout the year, I’ll be sharing guides on how you can also use ChipBot Nexus for website support automation in conjunction with personalized videos.

Table of Contents

  1. Pricing Changes
  2. Marketing Agency Plans
  3. New and Updated Features
  4. Bug Fixes
  5. What we’re currently working on

1. Pricing Changes

We have two changes to share.

First, everyone will save one dollar. Here are the monthly prices that changed.

  • If you paid $10 before, now you pay $9
  • If you paid $20 before, now you pay $19

You’ll see these changes on your next invoice in the billing history section. For our EU friends, you’ll save about 0.87 € per month. Our outback friends will save about 0.73 AUD per month.

Second, we are introducing serving capacity limits for each plan.

Serving capacity is how many unique visits ChipBot can serve for a given month.

We pay for extra servers and maintain redundancy to make sure ChipBot loads fast, stays reliable, always sells to your customers, and always answers them automatically. To make sure those remain guaranteed as we scale to 10x users, we are charging a little bit more for those who bring a ridiculous amount of traffic.

Here are the unique hit limits:

  • Basic Plan (free) – 500 monthly unique hits
  • Startup Plan ($9) – 10,000 monthly unique hits
  • Business Plan ($19) – 50,000 monthly unique hits

If you’re paying today, you probably won’t need to worry about this change. 99% of all customers are far from their limit. You can track the usage on your dashboard.

This change is for the 1% who are bringing in 60k or 120k unique visits a month. This is traffic I wish I had!

2. Marketing Agency Plans

5% of you run digital marketing agencies and that statistic is growing! You use ChipBot for lead gen but are also using ChipBot for your clients for a variety of benefits.

The main use case is usually a landing page video or drop-in support replacement to live chat.

Today’s challenge is the main ChipBot dashboard is built for the business owner who owns the website. This makes it a bit confusing if you manage clients with one account or have several different email accounts for each ChipBot instance.

To solve this, we built a new Agency platform that allows you to manage several different ChipBot instances, invite clients for specific sites, manage access, and eject instances without shutting down ChipBot when a client moves on. We also added the ability to share reports with clients but also see things 10,000 feet above as an agency.

To get started, Agency Plans start at $49/mo and have a 7-day free trial.

You can request an invite on

3. New and Updated Features

  • Added Icons on Video Action Links (Pylons)
  • Added new Facebook Messenger Button (Pylons)
  • Added new WhatsApp Button (Pylons)
  • Improved loading speed when a Pylon shows after adding items to the cart on Shopify (Pylons)
  • Vastly improved initial loading times (Pylons)
  • Increased zoom ability to fit portrait videos inside square and circle shapes (Pylons)
  • Added ability to customize button colors (Pylons)
  • Added ability to remove add or remove a border (Pylons)
  • New notification settings to split out messages and reporting emails (Nexus)
  • ChipBot Nexus can automatically open to a specific folder when using a link, see example (Nexus)
  • Added click-through rate indication on search term report to determine if a result led to a click (Nexus)
  • Added questions and feedback under Analytics (Nexus)
  • Added CSV exportable questions and feedback reports (Nexus)
  • Added click-through rate indication on exportable CSV search term report (Nexus)

4. Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a Pylon autoplay issue if the user held the preview video for too long (Pylons)
  • Fixed an issue where rapidly moving forwards, backwards, then forwards would disable ChipBot (Pylons and Nexus)
  • Fixed an issue where the preview Pylon button would not show the correct video if you uploaded a video then switched to an actor video (Pylons)
  • Fixed an issue where an article modal wouldn’t show from a direct article link if the user has ChipBot hidden (Nexus)
  • Fixed an issue where “30 days” was only getting the past 14 days of results in the Analytics section (Pylons and Nexus)
  • Fixed an issue where the enter key would sometimes not work when using a Japanese keyboard (Nexus)
  • Fixed an issue where the user menu popup would freeze the dashboard (Pylons and Nexus)

5. What we’re currently working on

This list here is purposely light on details and I’ll be sharing details in our next update post.

  • Website cart abandonment. We are combating Shopify abandonment by triggering videos based on users who we predict will abandon. We’re using AI to predict abandonment and will have an opt-in feature next month to start the “learning phase” for each website.
  • Reporting. We’re working on improving the weekly email reports, especially for ChipBot Pylon users.
  • Dashboard. We’re working on improving the UX and UI of all the dashboard components, especially trying to make it work on mobile. This will be a multi-month effort but you’ll see incremental changes.
  • ChipBot Pylon Templates. We’re exploring some ways to deploy Pylons faster, for specific use cases, with zero configuration setup.

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Matt Lo
Matt Lo

Matt is a Houston-based entrepreneur with over a decade of experience building highly scalable web-based technology solutions. Knowledgable in 12 different programming languages and experienced startup veteran; having worked on 6 others. He's currently the founder and CEO of ChipBot. You can reach Matt on Twitter, LinkedIn, or StackOverflow.


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