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ChipBot v2.8 – Black Friday Updates

Matt Lo
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Matt Lo
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November 16, 2021
ChipBot v2.8 – Black Friday Updates

We’ve had an incredible run on growth this year. Over 1,000 businesses have installed ChipBot. Using Pylons for sales or Nexus for support. It’s unbelievable to make such an impact and it’s inspiring us to try to hit 10,000 websites by June 2022.

Thank you for using ChipBot! 😁

For some updates specific to improving your Black Friday sales, jump to ChipBot Product Updates.

Normally I would go over key features in detail for product update posts, but we’re kinda overdue on an update and it’s larger than normal. I’m going to list everything that’s happening and only elaborate as needed. If you want more details on a particular item, please contact me through ChipBot or email me directly at

Company-Wide Updates

  • A new affiliate program with a 30% recurring sales commission rate. If you requested an invite in the past 30 days, you should have received an email from Rewardful to get your affiliate link. Soon you’ll also be able to earn a commission off the “powered by” icon too!
  • A new agency platform to manage one or many ChipBot instances for clients. We’re still limiting the invitations (bug fixing) but will have open signups by 11/20. I’ll have a separate announcement for this at the start of 2022.

ChipBot Product Updates

  • Video scheduling for time-specific events. (ChipBot Pylons)
  • Added new Pylon Action Link options: (ChipBot Pylons)
    • Close Video Button
    • Open FAQs Button (useful for listing Black Friday deals and policies)
    • Add Checkout (accelerate Black Friday checkouts)
  • Added YouTube support (ChipBot Pylons)
  • Added more complex User Behavior Events. The list keeps growing so if you have any suggestions, please reach out. We’re also testing some TensorFlow machine learning models to predict behavior too! (ChipBot Pylons)
  • Added Desktop/Mobile preview mode. (ChipBot Pylons)
  • Added ability to interlink folders and articles. (ChipBot Nexus)
  • Added ability to hide articles. This is useful when you want to build out your FAQs but don’t want to commit to the base content yet. (ChipBot Nexus)
  • Improved content load times. (ChipBot Nexus)
  • Changed how the deep link is represented when linking to a specific article. The old link is still backwards compatible. (ChipBot Nexus)
  • Depriorized ChipBot loading sequence if your website has heavy asset usage or if the visitor’s connection is slow. Even though we really want ChipBot to show first, your website fully loading is more important for initially retaining new visitors. (ChipBot Nexus and ChipBot Pylons)
  • Added landscape mode. (ChipBot Pylons)
  • Added larger previews options. (ChipBot Pylons)
  • Added video zoom feature. (ChipBot Pylons)
  • Added new APIs. See our API docs for the full list.
  • Added more localization keys for changing the language of ChipBot system text. (ChipBot Pylons and Chipbot Nexus).
  • Added CSV export on search queries in the Analytics section. (ChipBot Nexus)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed visual clipping on larger icon types. (ChipBot Pylons)
  • Fixed an issue where saving the preview icon resets the display hidden flag. (ChipBot Pylons)
  • Fixed an issue where special styles were not displaying correctly, like underline and strikethrough. (ChipBot Nexus)
  • Fixed an issue where links with “Open in New Window” were not opening in a new window.
  • Fixed an uncommon but critical issue where iOS would freeze if you opened ChipBot and scrolled the contents in quick succession. (ChipBot Nexus)
  • Fixed an issue where users were given our test ChipBot installation link instead of the production version. (ChipBot Nexus and ChipBot Pylons)
  • Fixed an issue where ChipBot wouldn’t open if it’s default hidden but an API is explicitly called to open it. (ChipBot Nexus and ChipBot Pylons)
  • Fixed sort defect when opening a category directly. (ChipBot Nexus)
  • Fixed an issue where editing content would sometimes throw an error. (ChipBot Nexus)
  • Fixed an issue where the reported view time was escaping off the grid. Sometimes videos can be viewed longer than the duration rate because the user replayed the video or it’s on a loop. (ChipBot Pylons)
  • Fixed nested unordered list styles when inside an ordered list. (ChipBot Nexus)
  • Fixed an issue where the dashboard would incorrectly assume you installed ChipBot (ChipBot Pylons and ChipBot Nexus).
  • Fixed a visual defect with text alignment when using the circle preview option. (ChipBot Pylons)
  • Fixed instructions on how to reply to email recipients when a new contact form notification is sent. (ChipBot Nexus)

Administrative Boring Stuff

  • New billing history section. View or download each PDF invoice.
  • We have quite a few users who have a declined credit card but are still on the paid plan. You’ll be receiving an email about updating your credit card very soon.

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Matt Lo
Matt Lo

Matt is a Houston-based entrepreneur with over a decade of experience building highly scalable web-based technology solutions. Knowledgable in 12 different programming languages and experienced startup veteran; having worked on 6 others. He's currently the founder and CEO of ChipBot. You can reach Matt on Twitter, LinkedIn, or StackOverflow.



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