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ChipBot Update v2.6 – Updated Editor, More Reporting Data, New Translation Tool

Emily Randolph
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Emily Randolph
last updated
May 24, 2021
ChipBot Update v2.6 – Updated Editor, More Reporting Data, New Translation Tool

We’re back with another update and some new features this month!

This winter has been cold, but these new updates are hot off the keyboards (and tested). We want you and your website to have the best experience and we don’t want you to have to work too hard, so we are constantly coming up with new ways to help.

Updated Article Editor

After about a year of our old editor, it was time for an upgrade. Having what you need isn’t the same as having what you want, and you wanted more from your editor.

We wanted to give you that. The new toolbar follows you as you edit so you can easily make changes whenever you want. We added:

  • Table support
  • Indentation support
  • HTML editor support (only certain tags are allowed)
  • Improved editing options
  • Enabled the toolbar to be sticky when editing long articles

Translation Support

There has always been an option to write articles in any language, but it wasn’t possible to change the language in generic text like buttons, system headlines, and small descriptions. This is your ChipBot, so it should work for you in your language. 

That’s why now we’ve made it so you can swap out any word within ChipBot for whatever language you need. 

This the first of many steps we intend to make to provide our most common locales with pre-populated translations based on location. 

Reporting Data Changes

Data is really important to understanding your users and making your product and website better, so we want to give you as much data as possible. For the most part, you only need the most recent data, but for instances in which you need more, paid accounts can now access data beyond the previous 30-day threshold. 

  • Startup Plan – Access 3x more data (from 30 days to 90 days)
  • Business Plan – Access 6x more data (from 30 days to 180 days)

Data update is retroactive and will show past data if you have it.

We want you to always have what you need, so let us know what part of reporting data is most important to you and how we can change it to fit your needs.

API Updates

We’ve added some small changes for SaaS and Shopify websites so that ChipBot can pre-populate information via API. This speeds up the process of collecting user questions or messages from a form. 

  • chipBotApi.openAskQuestionForm('', 'bob') was updated to accept a name along with an email address.
  • chipBotApi.openContactForm('', 'bob') has a brand new API, and is similar to the question form but it opens the contact form instead. 

We worked hard on these updates to get you the best possible use of your ChipBot. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please let us know. We are happy to get any feedback that will help us improve so that we can help you improve.

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