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ChipBot Update v2.4
Emily Randolph
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Emily Randolph
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November 24, 2020
ChipBot Update v2.4

This month, we wanted to make sure our update post was jam-packed with awesome updates for you all. We have a handful of both major and minor updates, so be sure to read through and get up to speed on all the new things you can do with your ChipBot. 

Major Updates

This month, we’ve got 4 major updates for you:

  1. Updated CTA UIs
  2. Added 2 New CTAs
  3. Customizable Search Screen
  4. New Ability to Share the Code Installation Snippet

Updated CTA UIs

We know how important a Call to Action is for your website. Now, it’s easier than ever to organize your CTAs and more details are listed so you can keep them organized.

Also, creating a CTA is now based on a set of goals for your website. When you create a CTA, you configure where and what your CTA should be doing by choosing one of the following goals to align with it.

  • Drive Traffic
  • Grow Newsletter
  • Improve Lead Generation
  • Gather Feedback
  • Ask for Questions

2 New CTAs

You can now create CTAs for your newsletter and lead generation.

The newsletter CTA is used to capture email addresses within ChipBot and leverage our Zapier integration for newsletter connections. We will soon be adding more direct integrations other than Zapier.

That way, you can get your customers emails captured and connected automatically.

The lead generation CTA for gated content can be used to promote an eBook or video on your website. Users are required to enter an email address before downloading the asset you specify.

Customizable Search Screen

A new page has been added to the dashboard to customize how you want to be contacted. If you wish to route unanswered questions through a phone number or a different website instead of using ChipBot’s contact form, this is now an option for you.

We will be building live chat integration with this hook in the future, so the questions can escalate to chat if you have it integrated. 

New Ability to Share the Code Installation Snippet

It’s now easier to share your ChipBot snippet directly to your developer. You no longer need to copy and paste code in an email or slack.

The formatting no longer messes with the code, so you can just share. 

Minor Updates

With all the major updates, we also fixed any issues that you may have been having with the software. Some fixes include:

  • Fixed an issue where updating the search result screen would break the main screen of ChipBot
  • Fixed an issue where Business Plan users who were at 3 domains could not add more domains if the account was granted higher access

Some other additions and improvements include the following:

  • Domain and account identifiers to use on specific APIs have been added. Before, it was hard to find domain and account IDs used to call an API, but now there is a small quality of live improvement for developers working on API integrations with ChipBot.
  • One such specific API is the new Knowledge Base Read API that was added. You can use this to pass data to other systems that depend on ChipBot’s data. 
  • A user ID output in the user menu dropdown was also added. This helps with troubleshooting whenever you need it. 
  • Onboarding articles are now linked to a ChipBot insight. This means that when you add a new domain or sign up for the first time, clicking on the onboarding checklist will open ChipBot with an explanation on how to complete that item.
  • With button-based CTAs, you can also now scroll to a specific part of the page using a CSS selector. This can be especially useful for using CTAs to scroll down to a contact page. 

We hope these updates are helpful to you and make a difference on your website. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or feedback!

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