Major Update #35 – Chat & Video Upgrades, iOS app in beta, new White Label and Affiliate features

Matt Lo
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Matt Lo
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April 07, 2023
Major Update #35 – Chat & Video Upgrades, iOS app in beta, new White Label and Affiliate features

This is a huge update. We didn’t even plan this much. But somehow, we completed both March and April’s pipeline in half the time. Plus, our iOS app is pending imminent release. So a lot is going on!

If you’re a returning user, login here after you skim through the post! If you’re new to ChipBot, you can try it yourself for free by clicking here.

1. Message Attachments

Attach images, videos, and documents to your messages within ChipBot. Use attachments to aid in customer support. And more importantly, use it to close deals with sales materials and screenshots not covered by your FAQs.

2. Notify & Read Receipts

Never wonder again if your customer read your message. ChipBot now adds read receipts and notification receipts to your dashboard.

Here’s what a notification receipt would look like:

3. More Intelligence on the Customer

Now when you’re interacting with your customers, you’ll know whether they’re typing. It’s useful for when you need to stand by or if you’re clear to close the thread.

On the right of your messages, more detail about the user is now available. We had a primitive version before, and this is slightly more polished. Expect more updates later this summer, like the current page location and custom tags.

Other chat enhancements:

  • Chat notifications are now instant. In the past, notifications were delayed because of how we ingested, extracted, transformed, and loaded events (also known as ETL). We improved this area so Chipbot can decide when to notify instantaneously.
  • User profiles now track when you were last active on the website. An added benefit to improving our notifications was the addition of knowing the user in real time. We can now track the user’s current page and last activity. We’ll be streamlining this data with other metrics in the near future.
  • Links in messages are now shown in their entirety and will not truncate. Truncating was initially a way to keep the message brief, but it led to more confusion than we intended.
  • Auto-linking FAQs. You can now copy/paste FAQ links from the “expanded” feature within ChipBot, and paste them here. FAQs will open Nexus automatically. The back button will take you back to chat.

1. Simplier video choices screen. There were too many options flows, so we consolidated the options into one screen.

2. Upload field now allows for drag and drop. Long requested feature, now finally added.

Now possible to retheme any part of ChipBot. It was already possible to theme individual Pylons, but now it’s possible to match your brand on other parts of the bot too!

1. ChipBot general theme options

2. ChipBot Chat theme options

  • Added phone number field option to contact form.
    • We can have custom fields within a contact form with this recent change. If we hit a certain threshold of customer requests for this, we’ll invest in the UI to support more configurable and sortable fields.
  • Removed beta label on video analytics export to a CSV.
    • It was initially built for a few customers, but it’s been used regularly by many others (typically marketers). It’s staying in the dashboard permanently.

When a video gets customers chatting with you, you need to respond to that customer as fast as possible, whether it’s a live message or an auto-response.

Our soon-to-be-release iOS app will notify unread chats immediately, message customers, and send attachments (like photos and videos).

Select customers use our test flight program to test our mobile iOS app.

The first release is focused on live chat first. After we publish it, we’ll focus on video recording features next.

  • Grid embed grid now support folderId to only show certain folders of Pylons.
  • Added setSessionIdentity to set the user’s identity based on your platform’s data, before your customers initiate a live chat or contact form submission.
  • Fixed missing icons not appearing on Nexus or the Help Button.
  • Fixed the onboarding tooltip from sometimes making users click twice to use an option.
  • Fixed an issue where configuring the Nexus header would not automatically refresh.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes expanded nav would not open in the dashboard.
  • Fixed a rare bug where the ChipBot live chat would open indefinitely after closing.

Last month, our agency platform evolved into a full-blown white-label offering. Here’s what’s new about it.

  • Completely rebrand ChipBot to a brand you want to sell with:
    • Custom logo, colors, and product name.
    • Custom domain and message notifications (sent from an anonymous address).
    • Custom signup page, mobile upload page, login page, and forgot password page.
  • Added a guide on how to sell ChipBot as a SaaS:
  • Added extra add-ons like:
    • WordPress plugin offering
    • A or AAAA DNS record dashboard link
    • Custom deals for 25+ ChipBots

This is growing fast 🔥 so expect more improvements in this area.

To learn more about reselling ChipBot and our pricing model, click here.

If you’re looking to make some serious passive income, take a look at our new and improved affiliate program. We made it easier to:

  • Analyze web traffic data
  • View your earnings
  • Added new perks based on your affiliate rank
  • Added tips and tricks on how to promote your affiliate rank, accompanied with examples.
  • New Facebook Group (launching April 8th or 9th).
  • Added ability to attribute referrals via Powered By ChipBot link.

It’s never been easier to be an affiliate partner of ChipBot. Earn a monthly 30% commission for every customer you bring on.

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Matt Lo
Matt Lo

Matt is a Houston-based entrepreneur with over a decade of experience building highly scalable web-based technology solutions. Knowledgeable in 12 different programming languages and experienced startup veteran; having worked on 6 others. He's currently the founder and CEO of ChipBot. You can reach Matt on Twitter, LinkedIn, or StackOverflow.


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