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Update: Live Chat, Unified Messaging, Pylon Compact Mode, and More!

Matt Lo
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Matt Lo
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May 01, 2022
Update: Live Chat, Unified Messaging, Pylon Compact Mode, and More!

Hope everyone is having an awesome and refreshing Spring so far. I have some great updates to share. Grab a cup of coffee or tea while you read because there’s quite a bit in here.

Use the links below to jump between sections you might be interested in.

Live Chat

We added live chat capabilities to Nexus and Pylons. It’s free for everyone. Key features:

  • Combined threaded view – All messages related to a user like live chat, contact form, a question from Nexus, or email exchanges will be in a single messages view.
  • Email flow – Whenever a user leaves your website after you reply, we’ll move the conversation to email for you. If they return to the website, the conversation gets updated automatically in their threads.
  • Availability – You can choose when you want live chat open or when you want to go to a contact form. This helps control when you want live engagement and when you want a contact form.
  • Notifications – You’ll get notified via email if you’re not signed in on the dashboard. We made the admin message interface to work with both desktop and mobile. We’re also currently working on a Zapier integration to push notifications to Slack and MS Teams. Email notifications will be enabled on May 2nd, at 5 PM CST.
  • Interface – We built an interface with all the typical functionality to expect in live chat without being overly complicated about it. It should come naturally to you as a business user and to your customers.

How do I use this right now?

There are two ways to use live chat on your ChipBot:

Method 1 – ChipBot Pylons

Method 2 – ChipBot Nexus

Why add chat now and not before?

We built ChipBot to help automate all possible customer support interactions. However, when we built Pylons last year and saw the increased engagement in relationships via video, we realized messaging in real-time (or semi-real time) was key to capitalizing on that special moment.

About 40% of our users sometimes want live chat to be turned on and off, depending on their strategy and availability. Our customers had to make tough choices on whether to keep ChipBot or stick with live chat in the past. This is now a thing of the past.

Now ChipBot offers the full suite of customer engagement. When we move out of our soft release cycle, we’ll be updating our website with a list of new use cases you can do with ChipBot.

Unified Messages

We added a central page to view and respond to all your message engagements. Questions, contact forms, and live chat engagements are all universally the same in ChipBot and will immediately appear on the Messages page. This includes questions from the past as well!

Whenever you reply back to these messages, the visitor will see a live chat conversation popup in real-time. If they’re not on the website and at least 5 minutes elapse, we’ll forward your message to their email address.

Pylons Compact Mode

Some of you are really creative on how you deploy your Pylons and pushed the limits of what ChipBot can do. To accommodate, we added some new features:

  • Compact view – By clicking the “compact” mode on the top right, you can toggle between a detailed analytics view or an organizational view.
  • Folders and reordering – We reused our Nexus Knowledge Base functionality and brought it over to Pylons. You can now organize Pylons however you want
  • Naming – You can now name your Pylon so it’s easier to find which one you want to edit/maintain. This is only exposed on the dashboard.

More Pylon updates are listed under the New Changes section.

Cybernetics Update

Some of you have requested participation in our Cybernetics machine learning program. We haven’t sent out any confirmation responses but we have received all requests. You are automatically approved if you have 2 consecutive months of 1,000+ unique hits. Being enrolled just means you’re in the data collection phase and ChipBot is actively learning about your visitor’s behavior. The UI is in active development. We will announce more specific updates to participants later this summer.

Other Updates

New Changes

  • Added new target language behavior event for Pylons
  • Added new target country behavior event for Pylons
  • Added support for multiple pages rules for Pylons
  • Removed ChipBot Interceptors/CTAs completely from the dashboard
  • Removed the “Location Page” from the Nexus dashboard
  • Added API chipBotApi.getSessionInfo() to leverage extra information you might not normally have, like language and session id (useful for marketing analytics)
  • Added API chipBotApi.getVideoExperienceList() to return a list of all videos


  • Improved ability to hide a specific Pylon
  • Added default zoom level for each video button type
  • Increased the recording duration rate for paid plans from 30 seconds to 120 seconds on the Pylons recording page
  • Updated search behavior on Nexus to automatically go into typeahead mode

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the translations manager would sometimes fail to save
  • Fixed an issue where a Pylon video would say “in processing” until the user refreshes the page on older accounts
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the Pylons YT player would not accept Youtube source IDs that started with nonalphanumeric characters
  • Fixed an issue where custom tiles could sometimes not be created on Nexus
  • Fixed an issue where Nexus folders would sometimes be unable to reorder
  • Fixed an issue where feature flags would sometimes not update immediately
  • Fixed an issue where Zapier fails to connect sometimes

Thanks for reading and being a customer! 😁

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Matt Lo
Matt Lo

Matt is a Houston-based entrepreneur with over a decade of experience building highly scalable web-based technology solutions. Knowledgeable in 12 different programming languages and experienced startup veteran; having worked on 6 others. He's currently the founder and CEO of ChipBot. You can reach Matt on Twitter, LinkedIn, or StackOverflow.


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