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General usage

Utility and general usage

On ChipBot Ready

ChipBot loads asynchronously and waits for the entire page to load before we load our dependencies within the browser. Because of this, it can be tricky to use the Web APIs if ChipBot isn’t available yet.

To ensure you only interact with the Web APIs when ChipBot is ready, wrap all your code in the following implementation:

window.asyncChipBotApi = window.asyncChipBotApi || [];
window.asyncChipBotApi.push(['onReady', () => {
 // execute code when ChipBot is loaded

Hide ChipBot Icon

This will hide the icon of ChipBot.


Show ChipBot Icon

This will show the icon of ChipBot.


Display the ChipBot Icon, inline on a page


Get product data


Get user session data


Set user session data

chipBotApi.setSessionIdentity({name: '', email: ''});

Listen to user behavior event data

chipBotApi.eventManager.on('reporting.all', e => console.log(e));


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