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Video experience upload

A video experience consists of two pieces to operate successfully within ChipBot.

  1. A video data record (see CRUD methods in the docs)
  2. A video asset (uploading the raw file)

The video experience upload is a process that associates a video asset (.mp4, .mov, .mkv, etc.) with the video data record.

There are three steps to uploading a video.

  1. Requesting a video service token. This tells us you’re authorized to use the ChipBot video service.
  2. Requesting a video upload token. This creates a job based on your specifications and returns a token.
  3. Uploading the video. Using the upload token from step 2, you can send a multi-part file straight to your utility API servers.

Authorization type: Domain

Request Examples

Video service token request

curl "https://getchipbot.com/api/v2/connect/accounts/{accountId}/domains/{domainId}/videos/tokens" \
     -H 'Authorization: {token}'

Video upload request token request

curl -X "POST" "https://getchipbot.com/api/v2/utility/video-upload/request" \
     -H 'Authorization: {token}' \
     -d $'{
  "checksumMd5": "md5-of-file",
  "size": 12345,
  "data": {"videoExpId": "{videoExpId}"},
  "topic": "generic",
  "jobs": ['480p']

Body payload

  • checksumMd5 : string – Must be an MD5 string of your entire file. This is used to verify the file after upload completion.
  • size : number – Size (in bytes) of the file being uploaded.
  • data : object – Use this to store extra meta data on the job request. “videoExpId” is required as a property.
  • topic : string – Type of topic pipeline to use. Different topics lead to different job pipelines. Use “video-exp”.
  • jobs : string[] – List of jobs to perform on the uploaded video. Use “video-exp-core” and “video-exp-extras”.

Upload video

curl --form file='@filename' -X "POST" "https://getchipbot.com/api/v2/utility/video-upload?token={uploadToken}"


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