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in Person

Be the face of your business. Literally.

With ChipBot, you can add a video to every page on your website and convert like never before!

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Easy to install
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3,000+ Websites use ChipBot
with a rating of 4.6 out of 5
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How It Works

You set the videos. We bring it to life.

Upload your video from a phone or computer.
Set which page and what buttons you want.
Add the ChipBot code to your website and that's it!

2x Customer Attention Span

Quick & Engaging

Get every customer to listen and act on your word. If you're too busy to record, use our library of speakers.

Common Questions:

Can I see a quick demo of ChipBot?Do you have examples I can watch?


Better Sales and Lead-Gen

Sell Smarter

Use your video as an opportunity to sell, book a meeting, or chat with your customers.

Common Questions:

How does our live chat work?Can the buttons do anything else?


A Quick Fix for Boring Websites

Improve Your Entire Website

Use one video to capture attention, a second video to talk about your services, and a final video to convert customers.

Common Questions:

Does it slow down my website?Will this work with my website builder?

multi video
multi video
multi video

3x User Retention

Quickly fix bounce rates without design or content updates.

Up to 2x Sales

Personal authenticity on video awards more sales and leads.

Cut Cost by 50%

Our pricing is HALF on what others offer for video & live chat.
It will make your website far more personal and interactive and help you stand out from all the competition. It's very easy to install and intuitive to use plus the customer service is 5 star. I cannot rave about this product enough.
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Thousands use ChipBot
for Sales, Leads, & Support

3,000+ Websites use ChipBot
with a rating of 4.6 out of 5
Reviews Powered By
Trust Pilot
Matt - CEO and Founder of ChipBot
ChipBot - Sell In Person On Your Site

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