ChipBot - Sell In Person On Your SiteChipBot - Sell In Person On Your Site

ChipBot for Realtors

Add more buyer leads using personal short-form videos with ChipBot.

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An Amazing Video For Each Page

Give your potential buyers a warm welcome, show them around, and let them get to know you as if you were there in-person.

Greet New Visitors
Educate Potential Buyers
Show Quick Video Tours
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multi video
multi video

Guaranteed Actions

Maximize your lead generation efforts by giving your visitors an option to chat or call, right after they watch your video. We have a built-in function for every situation.

Get New Phone Leads
Talk to Buyers on Live Chat
Link to your Instagram

Eye-Opening Examples

Real estate agents use ChipBot not only to better serve their clients, but to also establish themselves as the trusted local authority.

Elevates Personal Brand
Adds a Trust Factor
Builds Top of Mind Awareness

Is It Easy to Use?

Setting up your ChipBot videos is fast and easy. It only takes about 5 minutes to get up and running.

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Not Sure What to Say?

Haven't figured out what you want to say on camera? Use our speakers to greet your prospects.

How Do I Add It?

Adding ChipBot to your website is a simple, one time embed code. Like a Facebook Pixel code snippet.

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ChipBot - Sell In Person On Your Site

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